Cute Puppy Names
More than 100 Names for your Cute Puppy

The cute puppy names list has more than 100 names for the cutest canine companions. Includes cute dog names, one syllable dog names and more. Just remember, cute is in the eye of the beholder!

Take a look at the Shiba Inu dog in the picture to your right. How can you deny he is a very cute puppy?

The name Riki suits him well as he is a Japanese breed oozing with self confidence. Riki means “Strength” or “Power.”

Do you have a cute Pug? How about naming him Moose. Pugs are not particularly large dogs, but the name just seems to fit (for me). Visit our Pug dog names page for more ideas.

For those who prefer one syllable dog names, there are plenty on the cute puppy names list like Babe, Bear, Boots and Brook, and those are only the “B” variety. Duff, Gus, Link, Moose and Rags are just a few of the other one syllable names on this list.

If you choose to go with a popular name, visit our most popular dog names for a wide variety of options. To really narrow your choices, have a look at the top 100 dog names list for the most popular names in use today.

My Favorite Cute Puppy names

Three of my favorite cute puppy names are Maggie, Duff and Tucker. We actually had a Cockapoo named Maggie, and she difinitely fit in the cute category.

Cute Puppy NamesThe name Barkley is also a very cute dog name, although I have never thought of Charles Barkley as being cute. If you don’t recognized Sir Charles’ name, you either don’t follow professional basketball or you are much younger than I am.

Just in case you don’t know, I have a thing for one syllable dog names and there are quite a few on the cute puppy names list. Just remember not to use a one syllable name that rhymes with a training command as it can be confusing for your dog.

That’s why many people warn against one syllable names. For me, Hunting dog names are a great use of one syllable names as they make it easier to issue voice commands.

Below is a list of more than 100 of my favorite cute puppy names, including many of the reasons why they are on this list. Have a sniff around and see if you can find something perfect for your cute puppy.

If you don’t find a name you like, visit our Dog Names by Breed page or one syllable dog names list to see more options. For even more names, search our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Meaning
Agate A semi-precious gemstone that is made up with bands of colors
Amber With a fur yellowish in color; urine-like, to be exact
Amigo Spanish for “friend”
Atom Great name for small dog breeds.
Babe A term for endearment, like with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Just make sure that you do not confuse the two.
Bandit A robber or thief, mostly of food
Barkley As in “Sir Charles” or Charles Barkely, the NBA basketball great.
Barley With coarse fur, just like the cereal
Baylee One of my dogs is named Bailey, which is the most common spelling. I put this name on the cute puppy names list because I like the unique spelling.
Bear A big and hairy predator
Bebe A variant of “baby”, if you want to get a little fancier
Bella This is on the top 100 dog names list and has been for many years. Also a great name for fans of the Twilight movies and books.
Big Boy Just like what its name says: big boy; a perfect contrasting name for their size
Bingo The name of the farmer’s dog from a popular children’s song. B-I-N-G-O!
Biscuit You could also go with Bikki, which could also be on the cute puppy names list.
Bisto A popular gravy brand made in Britain
Blackie Great name for a Black Labrador Retriever. Visit our Black Lab Dog Names list for more ideas.
Blondie Female with blonde hair
Bones A dog with a great love gnawing on bones
Boogie A dance that requires fast and repetitive movements
Boots Sounds like a cat name, but I think it works for dogs, too!
Bounty An abundance of something, whatever that is
Brook Someone who tolerates or allow
Brownie With soft and brown fur (and obviously not edible fur), like this yummy dessert
Button Small and cute; like “cute as a button”
Buttons Could be a variant for “Button”, just to shake things up
Buzz A low and continuous humming sound, mostly made by a bee or mosquito
Calypso Means “to hide or conceal”; also a nymph in Greek mythology
Candy A sweet food that makes for a cute dog name
Cherry A small, red, and sweet fruit that also makes for a cure dog name
Chiquita Girl’s name of Spanish origin that means “little gift”
Chum Another word for “friend”; a great alternative to the more common dog name “Buddy”
Coco Do you have a Chocolate Labrador Retriever like me? This makes a great name. Find more like it on the Chocolate Lab Names list.
Cookie Small and sweet cake, mostly round and flat
Cracker Similar to a cookie but it is mostly salty and crispy
Dallas A city in the northeatern part of USA
Dazzler Someone who dazzles and gets attention all the time
Diamond Very hard and expensive precious stone; revered by women
Dinky Great name for small dog breeds.
Duff This is one my favorite cute puppy names. Duffy “Duff” Senf was my barber as a kid and he played a mean clarinet.
Fiddles The act of fiddling something
Finnegan The dog puppet from the Mr. Dressup television show
Flower That dainty blossom growing from flowering plants
Fluffy Full of fluff that your hands sink into their thick fur
Frostie I picked this for white colored dogs like an American Eskimo dog.
Fudge Soft and sweet
Gus A masculine name that can be short for “Augustine”, “Augustus”, “Gustav”, and other names that you can think of that contains these three-letter name
Hazel Reddish-brown or greenish-brown color; can refer to their eyes or fur
Higgins When I thought of this name, I pictured a Bloodhound. It’s a great name for any breed, but it seems sophisticated to me.
Hobo Homeless or tramp (although this would not be applicable to your dog, unless it really does not have a home)
Izzy A common nickname for “Israel”, “Isaac”, or “Elizabeth”
Jackpot Large price acquired in a game; can refer to your dog
Joplin As in Janis Joplin, the famous female rocker from the 1960s.
Kibbles Something ground or chopped (refer to this on your dog’s size and not on the actual grounding or chopping)
Link Love this name.
Little One Fitting name for their small size
Lottie Means “little and womanly”
Luther A German priest, monk, and professor
Maddie Means “maiden” or “young, unmarried woman”
Maggie This was the name of our precious black Cockapoo. She died in a tragic accident, but she was the cutest puppy!
Marley Name of the cute Yellow Labrador Retriever in the 2005 book and the 2008 movie Marley and Me.
Minty An adjective that describes the flavor of the mint
Misha Means “who resembles God” in Hebrew
Moose Among cute dog names, this can be used for small dog breeds or large dog breeds.
Muffin A quick bread that is made in small portions
Munchkin Refers to a child; can also those round little desserts made by a popular donut company
Nero Roman emperor who was famous for his cruelty
Nibbles To eat with small, quick bites or in small morsels
Nipper The dog model for a painting that is titled “His Master’s Voice”. This image has become the basis for the dog and gramophone logo that is now used by a number of audio recording and brand
Oliver Refers to the olive tree which stands for beauty, dignity, and fruitfulness
Oreo What’s not cute about Oreo cookies?
Orley Can be a nickname for Corley, Morley, Sorley, etc
Orson A male name of Latin origin; means “bear”
Ozzy …and Harriet, if you have two dogs.
Peaches A name for endearment; also the name of the baby mammoth in “Ice Age”
Pebbles …and Bam Bam.
Pee Wee Good Chihuahua name. Check our Chihuahua names list for more ideas.
Pixy A variant of “pixie”, a small, humanlike, and mischevous supernatural being with pointed ears and pointed hat
Poppy A plant with showy flowers
Powder Puff A soft pad for applying powder to the skin, especially the face
Quennie Variant for “Queenie”, meaning small queen
Rags I really like this name for a longer haired dog. Maybe a Lhasa Apso or a Pekingese dog.
Rascal Cheeky and mischevous little dog
Ribbons Long and narrow strip of fabric used for binding or tying
Riki Japanese name meaining Strength or Power.
Riley Means “courageous”; of Irish origin
Ringo Means “ring”; also the name of the drummer of the legendary band the Beatles
Sawyer “Means “”wood worker””; most familiar as the name of Mark Twain’s boy hero, Tom Sawyer”
Scamp Popular among cute dog names.
Scruffy Shabby and untidy, referring to their fur
Shaggy Having long, thick, unkempt hair or fur
Snowball Perfect name for a dog with fluffy snow-white fur, just like a snowball
Sox For the big Boston Red Sox fan
Squirt Slang for a small person or thing
Sugar A sweet name for a sweet puppy.
Taffy Chewy candy that is similar to toffee
Tanner Means “leather maker”
Teddy Does your dog remind you of a cuddly litte teddy bear?
Tinker As in Tinker Toys.
Tiny Small, petite, minute, all the other synonyms that you can think of
Tucker This is not in honor of the ill-fated Tucker automobile. I just love the sound of this name and it is one of my favorite cute puppy names.
Twinkle Sparkles or gleams, like a star
Whiskers A common name for cats but is also just as fitting for dogs. They also have whiskers, you know.
Xena Greek for “guest” or “stranger”
Zest Great enthusiasm and energy
Zoey In Greek this name means “Life.” If your puppy is a spunky one, this is a great name.

Can’t find the name you like on the Cute Puppy names list? Don’t give up. Visit our Dog Names by Breed list or one syllable dog names list to do some more searching. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

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