Chocolate Lab Names
Names for your Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Lab names are close to my heart and likely the easiest for me to list. Why? Because I have had a Chocolate Labrador Retriever for nearly 80 dog years. Her name is Bailey (one of the most popular Labrador dog names) and she is a wonderful companion.

When you explore this dog names list, you might ask, “why did he pick that?” Good question.

Many of the names will have an obvious reference to chocolate. Hershey, Brownie and Mousse, for example. Others may be a little less familiar words that also relate to chocolate.

Wispa, a lesser-known chocolate bar made by Cadbury, Cailler, a fine Swiss chocolate, and Kopiko, a species of coffee plant unique to Hawaii and a brand of coffee candy.

Finally, I picked some of the names simply because I liked them. When I was adding them each to the list, I pictured Bailey, my Chocolate Labrador Retriever, and wondered if I could call her by that name. More than you wanted to know?

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverChocolate Lab names still should match your dog’s personality and purpose. Do you have or want a hunting dog? Consider one syllable dog names as they are often better suited for giving voice commands. Mac, Kit and Sam are all good one syllable hunting dog names.

If you don’t yet own a Labrador Retriever, visit our Labrador Retriever information page to learn more. This may also help you choose an appropriate name for your dog.

Below is a list of more than 175 Chocolate Lab names. Take your time and have fun.

If you don’t find a name you like, return to our Labrador dog names list, our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Aero Alfie  Autumn Bailey
Barney  Bartley  Bear Bella 
Belle  Ben  Biscuit  Bistro 
Bo  Bosco Bounty Brandy 
Brodie  Bronzie  Brownie Bruno
Brutus  Buddy  Bueno Buster 
Cadbury  Caesar  Cailler Cajeta
Cappacino  Carob Cedar Charlie 
Charlie Brown Chester  Chestnut   Chewbacca 
Chewy Chip Chipper Chocco 
Cinnamon Claude Coco  Cocoa
Copper Daisy  Digger  Dudley 
Duncan Dylan  Echo  Éclair 
Ella  Espresso Faith Finnegan
Fiona Folgers Forest Frankie 
Fudge George  Georgie  Ghiradelli 
Ginger Godiva Grace  Gracie 
Grizzly Guinness Guylian Harley 
Hazel Heath Hershey Hickory
Hopper Jack  Jackson  Jackson Brown
Jake  Jamoca Java Jersey
Jessie  Joe Joy Kit
Kit Kat  Kodiak Kopiko Lady 
Latte Leroy Lindor  Lindt
Lindy Lola  Lowry Lucky 
Lucy  Mac Macy Maggie 
Magnum  Max  Maxwell May 
Milo Missy Mocha Moffat
Moka Mollie Molly Montana
Monte  Moose Mousse  Nutmeg 
Nutty  Pattie Poppy  Reber
Riesen Ritter Roca Rocky Road 
Rolo Rooney Rosie Roxy 
Ruby Rufus Russet Rusty
Sadie  Sahara Sam  Secord
Sienna Skor Smoke Smokey 
Snickers Solomon  Sophie  Spike 
Stanley  Starbuck Striker Teak
Teddy  Thornton Tiki Timber
Toblerone Toffee Tootsie Pop Truffles
Twilight Twix  Twixie  Walden 
Walker Walnut Walter  Werther
Whiskey Whitman Whopper Willie
Willy Wispa Wonka Woody
Yogi York Yorkie  


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Can’t find the name you like on the Chocolate Lab Names list? Don’t give up. Return to the Labrador Dog Names page or our Dog Names by Breed page to do some more exploring. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

Know any good Labrador Dog names? (see other entries below)

Sometimes, the best way to get the perfect Labrador dog names is to ask a friend. Please share your ideas here for all to see. If you have a story to go with the name, please share that, too.

Why do you like the name? Is this your own dog’s name? You get the idea.


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