Labrador Dog Names – Names for your Black, Chocolate or Yellow Lab Dog

Explore Labrador dog names for your favorite Lab. Did you know the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the world? Just about everyone knows someone who owns one or has in the past.

If you want to name your dog after someone famous, watch for the highlighted areas in the table below. Want to name your dog Winston? Find out why that might be a cool idea.

One of our three dogs is a Chocolate Lab named Bailey, and my sister, who lives next door, has two Black Labs named Mollie and Buck.

If you don’t know, this special dog breed has a strong spirit, a loving and loyal temperament and an unquenchable thirst for action. When you throw a ball or a stick to this sporting dog, you better plan on spending some time with them. They just won’t quit!

They make wonderful family dogs and outstanding hunting dogs. As one of the more popular gun dogs, Labrador Retrievers are a favorite among outdoorsmen.

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverChoosing a Labrador Dog Name

Choosing from so many Labrador dog names can be difficult. First, learn more about the breed on our Labrador Retriever information page. Then, think about how your Lab will fit in with your family and lifestyle.

If you will use your dog in the field as a hunter, one syllable dog names are worth considering. For those who simply want a wonderful family dog, just about any of these Labrador dog names will do – as long as it pleases your Lab!

Below is a general list of Labrador dog names following by links to more specific options on our Black Lab dog names, Chocolate Lab names and Yellow Lab names. Take your time and have fun.

If you don’t find a name you like on the Labrador dog names list, return to our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Abbey Abe Adams Addison
Addy Adonis Alex Alexis
Alonza Amigo Ammo Amos
Angel Annie Annika Apollo
Ashley Austin Autumn Avery
Famous Name: Collectively known as the Olsen Twins, Ashley Fuller Olsen and Mary-Kate (both born 13 June 1986) rose to fame playing as infants in the TV series Full House. They are considered as one of the world’s most famous twins.
Babe Bailey Barney Bastian
Baxter Beauty Beau Beck
Bella Belle Ben Benji
Benson Bentley Bernard Bernie
Bianca Bingo Biscuit Blake
Bobbie Bodie Bogart Bonnie
Boomer Boone Brie Brooke
Bruin Bruiser Buck Buddy
Buster Cabella Cady Calder
Cally Candy Carlin Carmen
Carob Casey Casper Cassidy
Cassie Chamois Champ Charlie
Chase Chelsea Cheyenne Chip
Chloe Clara Cleo Cody
Comet Cookie Cooper Cora
Corona Cosmo Crockett Daisy
DaKota Dalia Darius Dash
Davis Dee Della Delta
Dexter Diesel Dollar Drake
Famous Name: Dexter Morgan is a fictional character in the hit TV series Dexter. This character is played by American actor Michael C. Hall.
Drew Duchess Dudley Durango
Duke Echo Edgar Eddie
Eldorado Electra Ella Ellie
Famous Name: Tara Leigh Patrick (born 20 April 1972), better known as Carmen Electra, rose to fame following her appearances in the Playboy magazine. She has starred in a number of TV series and films since then.
Elmer Elmo Eloise Elvis
Ely Emiline Emily Erie
Ester Eva Fabio Faith
Falco Fancy Farley Felix
Fenton Fern Festis Fey
Fido Figaro Fletch Flower
Frankie Fraser Fred Fulton
Gabe Gemini General Geneva
George Gidget Gigi Giselle
Godiva Goose Grace Gracie
Griffey Gumbo Gunner Gustav
Gypsy Hallie Hamlet Hannah
Hansel Happy Hardy Harpo
Harry Hayley Heath Heather
Heidi Hendrix Henry Hermes
Famous Name: James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix (27 November 1942 to 18 September 1970) is considered as one of history’s most influential electric guitarists. Many artists have made covers of his songs, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer.
Hershey Hobo Holly Homer
Honcho Hondo Hooch Hope
Hoss Howie Hudson Hunter
Ike India Indigo Indy
Isabelle Ivory Ivy Jackie
Jackson Jade Jag Jake
Jamie Jane Jasmine Jasper
Jeeter Jefferson Jenny Jersey
Jess Jester Jethro Jewel
Jill Jinx Joe Joker
Jordan June Junior Juno
Kabota Kaiser Kandy Kane
Kara Katie Kayla Kennedy
Kenya Kiki Kilo Kirby
Knut  Kobi Kody Kona
Kudo Kujo Labbie Labby
Lacey Laddie Lady Lambert
Lana Lane Lee Leo
Levi Lex Liberty Lila
Lillie Lindsay Link Linus
Lizzie Lobo Loki Lola
Lolita Lottie Lotus Lou
Louie Louis  Luckey Lucy
Luke LuLu Macie Maddie
Maggie Magic Major Marcie
Margo Mattie Maude Maverick
Max Medley Meg Melba
Merlin Midas Milo Misty
Moby Mocha Mojo Molly
Montana Moose Moses Napoleon
Natasha Ned Nellie Nemesis
Nemo Neon Nero Nessie
Netsle Neva Newton Nickel
Niko Nixie Noah Noel
Noodle Nora Norbert Noreen
Norma Nova Nymph Odie
Oliver Olivia Ollie Omega
Onyx Oreo Orion Oscar
Othello Otis Owen Ozzie
Pablo Page Palmer Pandora
Paris Parker Pascal Patton
Paxton Peaches Pearl  Pebbles
Percival Perkins Peyton Pharaoh 
Phoebe Phoenix Picasso Pickles
Pierce Piper Plato Polo
Precious Presley Prince Princess
Proctor Quentin Quigley Quimby
Quincy Quinn Radcliff Radley
Rags Raider Randolph Ranier
Ranger  Rawlins Rebel Reggie
Remington Remmy Renegade Rex
Ridley Riley Ringo Rio
Ripley Rolo Rosie Rowdy
Famous Name: Robert Ripley (25 December 1890 to 27 May 1949) is the creator of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! franchise. Found in TV, radio and newspaper, it features out-of-the-ordinary facts from all over the world.
Ruby  Ruckus Rudy Rufus
Sadie Salem Sam Sampson
Sandy Sasha Satin Scout
Sheeba Shelby Shiloh Sidney
Sienna Silas Simba Skeet
Skittles Smudge Snickers Soldier
Sonny Spencer Spike Spitz
Splash Sport Sugar Summer
Sundae Surfer Tango Tank
Tara Tarzan Tate Tatoo
Taz Teddy Tess Teton 
Tex Theo Thor Thorpe
Thumper Titan Toby Tonto
Toro Tristin Trooper Truck
Tubbs Tucker Tuff Tula 
Tyler Ulysses Vanilla Velvet
Victor Vinny Violet Voltaire
Wagner Wags Waldo Warren
Warrior Wellington Wilbur Wilson
Winston Wolf Wrigley Yankee
Famous Name: Sir Winston Churchill (30 November 1874 to 24 January 1965) was the United Kingdom Prime Minister during most of World War II. He is widely known as one of the best 20th-century wartime leaders.
Yoda Yogi Yukon Yuma
Zack Zane Zeena Zeke
Zephyr Zeus Zodiac Zoe
Zorro Zuzu    


Do you have a Black Lab? Explore our list of Black Lab dog names.

Is your lab yellow? Find a perfect name on our Yellow Lab names list.

Are you like me and you want or own a Chocolate Lab? Explore our Chocolate Lab names list.

Still can’t find the name you like on one of our Labrador dog names lists? Don’t give up. Return to our Dog Names by Breed page to do some more exploring. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

Know any good Labrador Dog names? (see other entries below)

Sometimes, the best way to get the perfect Labrador dog names is to ask a friend. Please share your ideas here for all to see. If you have a story to go with the name, please share that, too.

Why do you like the name? Is this your own dog’s name? You get the idea.


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