About Dogs and Dog Advice

About Dogs and Dog Advice
…how I ended up in the Dog House!

For those who want to know about Dogs and Dog Advice and if a real person is behind it, this is for you. That’s me in the picture and this is my website.

Hi! I’m Geert Leysen, a 30-something lad living in Hoegaarden, Belgium.

In our house, around the dinner table, or when visiting with “the neighbors”, the conversation always seems to include something about dogs. It’s just fun to learn about all of the interesting dog breeds available, what kind of hypoallergenic dogs are available, who has one of those crazy hybrid dogs, and whether there really are designer dog breeds (is there a Calvin Klein dog?).

OK…back to Dogs and Dog Advice

Why Dogs and why now? As much as I love to hate dogs, I really do love them. All that eating, pooping and peeing give you a lot to complain about if you want to.

To this day I know the name of every dog I have ever owned. Baron and Kodiak (both German Shepherds), Doc and Chloe (Dachshunds), Princess (a Collie), Kellie (a Golden Retriever / mutt / sled-dog-wanna-be), Sam (a German Shepherd), Sam2 (another German Shepherd), Bailey Ray (a Chocolate Labrador Retriever), Annie Jo (a Cockapoo) as well as Cooper and Ellie (the two latest additions to our Cockapoo clan). Bailey, Annie, Cooper and Ellie are our current dogs.

Dogs have always fascinated me. How to train them. How to keep them from running off, even if you don’t have a fence. How to keep them from barking and keeping the neighbors up. What breeds are easiest to train and what the most popular AKC dog breeds are, etc. Those blasted dogs are just too darned interesting.

With so many cool dog breeds, puppy names, dog houses, electronic gadgets and canine accessories in the dog world, as well as dog training tips and dog health issues, there is just so much to learn. This website is my way of sharing what I have learned with you. If I don’t know the answer, I can find it.

If you want to be in touch, please contact me. I would love to hear your story.

All the best,


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