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Hypoallergenic Dogs
Dogs for People with Allergies

“Most experts agree allergy sufferers do have options for
finding a suitable dog for their needs.”

Hypoallergenic DogsWhat exactly are hypoallergenic dogs? They are dogs that, thanks to their coat or other characteristics, give off very little dander and other particles that can trigger reactions in people with allergies.

The term “hypoallergenic” is somewhat controversial in some circles because there is no such thing as a completely allergy-proof dog breed. However, most experts agree allergy sufferers do have options for finding a suitable dog for their needs.

Dogs for People with Allergies

While the American Kennel Club does not officially recognize any hypoallergenic dog breeds, the AKC does offer a list of breeds that are considered good dogs for people with allergies. A sampling of these recommended breeds includes:

In addition to those listed by the AKC and the United Kingdom Kennel Club (UKKC), there is a much larger group of dogs for people with allergies, which means just about everyone can find acceptable options for hypoallergenic dogs.

Some breeds are easier to find than others, though, so part of the search process should be determining how far you will have to go to choose a particular breed. Cost can be an issue, too. In general, the more exotic or rare a breed is, the more expensive it will be to purchase a puppy or adult dog.

For those allergy sufferers who are not interested in a purebred dog from the list of AKC dog breeds, there are other options to consider. A number of hybrid dogs (especially any crosses that include a Poodle) are also hypoallergenic, and even some basic care and cleaning can make a difference.

Small dog breeds, when bathed and brushed regularly, can often make very good dogs for people with allergies because these simple care steps do a great deal to limit dander and excess hair. For a more complete list of options, including purebred dogs, hybrid dogs, designer dog breeds and more, visit our page dedicated to dogs for people with allergies.

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