One Syllable Dog Names – More than 400 Perfect Puppy Names

“On the possitive side, I believe one syllable hunting dog names
are effective and easy to use.”

For some, one syllable dog names are taboo. Why? There are several reasons. First, a one syllable name may be confusing to your dog if it sounds similar to a one syllable voice command. “Sit” and “Kit” have similar sounds, for example. “Neal” and “heal” also have a similar sound.

On the contrary, some dog “experts” claim that one syllable is often better for hunting dog names. A long-time family friend has been using black Labrador Retrievers as hunting dogs for many decades and he swears by one syllable names.

His argument, and that of many hunters, is that one syllable dog names are easier for the dog to understand when using voice commands. Rat and Tuff are two of my favorite hunting dog names.

So, who is right? In my opinion, it’s a little of both. On the possitive side, I believe one syllable hunting dog names are effective and easy to use. Having said that, my Uncle Don has a Hungarian Vizsla names Dixie, and she is a great hunting dog.

Black Labrador RetrieverOn the negative side, it certainly can be easy for dogs to get confused if you give them a name that sounds like a training command. Just be sure to steer clear of names that sound like commands you will be using.

For the purposes of my one syllable dog names list, I will include every one syllable name that I like. You can be the judge on whether it suits your dog and your purpose.

Personal Confession: Over the years, I have had dogs named Bailey, Maggie, Annie, Kody, Ellie, Cooper and more. None of those is a one syllable name. I guess I will just have to blame my wife for that!

Below is a list of more than 400 one syllable dog names. Take your time and have fun.

If you don’t find a name you like, return to the puppy names page with more than 4,000 possiblities as well as links to many, many more names.

Abe Ace Al Ann
Ann Anne Ash Babe
Bach Bart Bay Bea
Bear Beau Beck Belle
Ben Bess Beth Bits
Black Blaine Blair Blaire
Blaise Blake Blanche Blaze
Bliss Blue Blythe Boo
Boone Boyd Brad Bram
Brandt Bree Bree Brett
Briar Brit Brock Brook
Brooke Brooks Bryce Brynn
Buck Burt Cade Cain
Cal Cale Carl Case
Cash Cass Cate Ceil
Chad Chae Chance Charles
Chase Cher Chet Chris
Chuck Ciao Claire Clare 
Clark Claude Clay Cliff
Clint Coe Cole Cord
Cort Coy Craig Curt
Cy Dale Dan Dane
Dash Dave Dawn Dean
Deb Dee Dell Dex
Di Dill Dirk Dog
Dot Doug Dove Drake
Drew Duane Dusk Ed
Elle Eve Faith Fawn
Fay  Faye Fen Fern
Fife Finn Fizz Flame
Fletch Fleur Flint Flo
Floyd Flynn Ford Fox
Fran France Frank Fred
Free Fritz Frost Gabe
Gage Gail Gayle Gem
Gene Geoff George Gia
Gil Giles Girl Glen
Glynn Grace Graeme Graham
Grant Gray Grey Greer
Greg Gus Guy Gwen
Hahn Hank Han Hans
Hart Hays  Hayes Heath
Holt Hooch Hope Hoyt
Hugh Ike Jace Jack
Jade Jaine Jake James
Jan Jane Jayne Jax
Jay Jazz Jean Jeb
Jed Jen Jess Jet
Jill Jim Jo Joan
Job Joe John Jon
Joss Joy Joyce Judd
Jude Jules June Kai
Karl Kate Kay Kaye 
Keefe Keene Keith Kell
Ken Kent Kerr Kid
Kim Kip Kirk Kit
Klaus Kris Kurt Kyle
Lance Lane Lang Lara
Lark Lars Leaf  Leif
Lee Leigh Lev Lex
Lil Liz Lloyd Lorne
Lou Love Luke Lyle
Lyn  Lynn Lynne Mac
Mack Madge Mark Maud 
Maude Max May Mae 
Mai Marv Meg Mel
Mick Midge Mike Miles
Mitch Mo Moe Moo


Mousse Min
Mud Muir Murt Myrle
Myth Nan Nash Newt
Nat Nate Ned Neil
Nell Nels Neve Nick
Nils Oak Page  Paige
Pam Paul Pax Peace
Peach Pearl Peg Pete
Pez Phil Pierce Pine
Pink Pitt Poe


Punk Quinn Rae Raf
Rain Raj Rat Ray
Razz Reece Reed  Reef
Reese Reeve Reid Rex
Rhett Rhodes Roan Rob
Rock Ron Roo Rose
Ross Roy Roz Rue
Rune Ruth Rye Sage
Sam Saul Scott Sean
Serge Seth Shae Shane
Shay Shea Sher Sid 
Sky Skye Slade Sloane
Snow Spring Star Steel
Steele Steve Stone Storm
Sue Suze Sweet Tarl
Tash Tate Tay Taz
Teal Tess Thane Thor
Thyme Tiff Tish Todd
Trey Trish Troy True
Truth Tuff Ty Val
Vance Vi Viv Wasp
Wes West Will Winn
Wynn Wynne Wren Xiao
Yul Zack Zag Zane
Zeb Zeke Zig Zoe

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Brodie Not rated yet
I named my great pyrenees mix husky. He has a beautiful thick white coat that makes him look like royalty.

Brodie is short for Brodazoffa. I think …

Tikanni Not rated yet
I named my husky mix with wolf. This name I thought it was a perfect for her.

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One thought on “One Syllable Dog Names – More than 400 Perfect Puppy Names

  1. Well, I don’t know what happened to my last share, so I will repeat, my first dog was named RUDY, a Chinese-Shar-Pei, that was his name when I adopted him, so I kept that name because it was my father’s nick name, in his memory. My second dog, NIDAY, was a Pitbull/lab mix, she looked like a cow, black/white, so my son named her Niday, because he said she looked like night & day. My third dog, PENNY, a Beagle mix, looks dark tan, like a copper penny, hence the name. These three names can be suggestions, I know it can be a long time for everyone in your family to agree on a name, we’ve been through it twice. I do know, do not name a dog similar to a family member’s name, because it will confuse the dog by calling the name that is similar to the person & dog. Just wanted to share what we have been through, good luck name searching!

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