Most Popular Dog Names
Popular Names for your Favorite Pooch

“Dogs are unique, just like their owners, and naming your dog may have a
lot to do with your dog’s personality”

Some people like the most popular dog names because they are tried and true, like Max, Duke, Molly or Bailey (the name of my Chocolate Lab). Others hate to follow the crowd because they don’t want their dog to have the same name as their neighbor. They prefer unique dog names or something special or endearing to them.

If you want to go straight the most popular dog names, head on over to the Top 100 Dog Names page. This dog names list is created and maintained by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co./DVM Insurance Agency of Brea, California. VPI, as they are known, insures nearly half a million pets throughout the United States and keeps tabs on the top male dog names and females dog names for any given year.

Dogs are unique, just like their owners, and naming your dog may have a lot to do with your dog’s personality. If your pup is spunky or has a lot of energy, you might name him Dash, Flash or Bullet. For dogs that are more relaxed, a name like Silk or Angel may be appropriate.

The most popular dog names often relate to the dog’s appearance. If you have a tiny dog, you might want to explore our Chihuahua names list to find names like Elf, Pixie, Tiny or even Hulk, for those who like big names for small dogs.

Most Popular Dog NamesFor large dogs or watch dogs you might choose Bear, Wolf, Zeus or Apollo. These are also good hunting dog names.

What color is your dog? This can also give you dog naming ideas. For example, some of the more popular names for black dogs are Midnight, Smoke, Shadow and Spade. Visit our Black Lab dog names list for more examples.

For brown or chocolate colored dogs, try Cinnamon, Hershey or Cocoa. Our Chocolate Lab names list has a great selection of names to fit your chocolate colored dog.

As you can see, there are hundreds and thousands of puppy names for your new pooch. Keep digging and you will surely find the perfect name for your best friend.

For even more naming ideas, check out our list of dog names by breed with hundreds of breed specific names for your dog breed. If you are looking for famous dog names, we have more than 400 of those, too.

Or visit the big list of more than 4,000 puppy names to expand your search. The possibilities are endless!

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