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More than 100 Names for your Cool Dog

The cool dog names list has names for dogs who are special, memorable and downright cool. While you may think your dog is too cool for drool, just remember your neighbor may not think so, especially if they leave a pile of something hot on their lawn. Let’s not get the big head (although I think my 4 dogs are pertty cool, too!).

Take at look at the photo below. If that isn’t a cool dog, I don’t know what is. She could be on the red carpet at the premier of the next Marley and Me movie.

Do you have a cool Chihuahua? How about naming him Ricochet? If your pup loves riding around in your sports car, you could name her Porsche. Or name your hip, musical dog Woodstock.

If you prefer one syllable dog names, there aren’t as many on the cool dog names list as on others, but here are a few: Fang, Fizz, Jaws, Khan and Zeke.

For this list, I have tried to stay away from the most popular dog names like Sadie, Bella, Jake and Bailey, just to keep you out of the mainstream. If you DO like popular names, check the top 100 dog names list for suggestions.

Cool Dog NamesMy Favorite Cool Dog names

Three of my favorite cool dog names are Sabre, Kona and Griffey. I also think Monroe is very cool, even if you have never heard of Marilyn Monroe. Really? You have never heard of her? You must be very young.

Although I love one syllable dog names, there aren’t very many on this list. If that’s what you want, go straight to the list and start snooping around.

Just be careful not to choose a one syllable name that sounds like one of your dog training commands. It could confuse your dog. You might also find something you like on the Hunting dog names list, even if you don’t hunt. There are a lot of great one syllable names on that list.

Below is a list of more than 100 of my favorite cool dog names, many with reasons why they made the list. Have fun while you are hunting. If you don’t find a name you like, visit our Dog Names by Breed page or one syllable dog names list to see more options. For even more names, search our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Meaning
Adorable …and cool!
Aloha Stands for peace, affection, and compassion; also a great name for a surfer or beach-loving dog
Aspen A ski resort in Colorado. Perhaps a name for a skiing dog (if there is such a thing)?
Atlantis The Lost Continent believed to have entirely sunk during an earthquake
Aurora Means “dawn”; also the Roman goddess of the morning
Avalon An island paradise where King Arthur went to at his death
Azure Having a light, purplish shade of blue, particualrly in their fur
Bali A beautiful island in southern Indonesia
Brinkley This is not a tribute to Christie Brinkley. I just love the name for a dog. The picture in my mind is of a Golden Retriever, although my brother’s Golden is named Ruby (hey, that’s not even on the list!).
Brody Means “brother” in Irish
Bungee Very cute name that fits a small and cool dog
Burgundy A reddish hue
Cabaret A form of entertainment; for the dancing, singing, acting, etc. dog
Cabo Other than the Chihuahua, there aren’t too many dog breeds from Mexico. Consider this name if you love to vacation in Mexico or you wish you could.
Caboodle Having group or bunch, as in “a caboodle of fur”
Cadence A flow of sounds; for the music-loving dog
Caesar Can mean “head of hair” or “ruler” — take your pick
Capo For the guitar player and the wanna-be. Even if you don’t own an axe, this is a cool puppy name.
Celeste Means “heavenly”
Chalet A type of house or building. Go figure
Charisma Oozing attractiveness or charm which make her simple irresistible
Chewbacca With think shaggy fur, just like the character from Start Wars
Dakota Great and unbeatable fighter
Dallas Girl’s name that means “valley of the meadows”
Dangerfield Simple it: a dnager field
Darby Means “deer park”
Desiree French for “much desired”; for the very popular dog
Dewey Variant (and probably a cuter version) of David
Digby Means “town by the ditch”
Domino Means “lord” or “master”; for the dog that everyone reveres as king
Elvis We can’t leave “The King” off the cool dog names list. That wouldn’t be right. Just don’t poop on my blue suede shoes (hey, there might be a song in that!).
Equity Refers to the value of a company
Fable A fictional story that features animals, plants, objects, and mythical creatures
Fang For the cool dog with equally cool fangs
Fantasia Probably means “fantastic”
Fizz Makes a hissing or bubbling sound, like a beverage. But are there dogs who can make these sounds? I’m not so sure
Freedom For the dog that gives the owner freedom. Or for the owner who gives their dog freedom. Whichever
Furball The furry dog that you can roll into a cute little ball of fur
Gangsta Hardcore and tough. Always gets his way. Always
Grandeur For the dog who is every sorts of superlatives. Positive ones, that is
Griffey This is one of my favorite names on the cool dog names list. Not because of the baseball player (Ken Griffey Jr.). I just like the name.
Gumdrop Cute name for a ctue dog; preferably those that have a pastel colored-fur
Hailey Means “from the hay clearing”
Handsome Good-looking. Down to the very last bit
Harley Even though I don’t ride a Hawg, I still think this warrants inclusion on the cool dog names list.
Heartbreaker Very popular with the ladies (dogs or humans) but somehow seems to hate being attached
Homeboy The proverbial “boy-next-door”. Or rather “dog-next-door”
Iceman Dogs who love the cold
Illusion Do you find your dog appearing and disappearing seemingly out of thin ice? This just might be the perfect name
Imagine Believe to exist, although it would be hard to not believe that you actually have a dog
Jacuzzi A large bath. Bathing or swimming-lover
Jaws With sharp and powerful jaws comparable to that of a shark
Jitterbug Seems to always get the jitters, especially around strangers
Jubilee A special anniversary for something. Great name if your dogwas given as a gift for an anniversary
Kahlua coffee-flavored liqueur made in Mexico
Khan As in, The Wrath of Khan for all you Star Trek fans.
Killer Need I say more? Fitting name for hunting dogs
Kimono Picture a cute little Shiba Inu with this name. Too cool!
Kirby Means “from the village with the church”
Kona This is one my favorite names on the cool dog names list. I don’t drink coffee, but I DO like Hawaii.
Lefty The left-handed dog. Figure this out
Letterman For all of you late night TV watchers. Some people love the guy and some hate him. I am rather neutral, but I do like the name for a cool dog.
Liberty Freedom! Or a dedication to Lady Liberty, if you are such a fan
Loverboy Loves everyone, especially the ladies (dogs or otherwise)
Mafia Someone part of a criminal society. A gangster name
Magnum Something larger than normal
Magoo How about this name for your Beagle?
Mango Mango
Maui A Hawaiian island. For the sun and sand lover
Mickey You might find it weird to give a dog a name made poular by a mouse. Just try not to think about it
Midge Probaby a variation of “Madge” which means “pearl”
Mitchie Variation of “Mitch”. Could be short for “Michelle”
Monroe This is one of my top 4 cool dog names. I just love the way it sounds. If you like Marilyn Monroe, feel free to use this name in her honor. Here is one of my favorite Marilyn Monroe quotes: “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
Moonbeam A ray of moonlight
Mugsy Great name for a bulldog.
Mystic Mysterious in every way
Nevada A state in western US. A great way to show pride if you live in this state
Nutmeg An aromatic seed
Oliver Means “elf army”
Omelet That breakfast dish that we love so much
Outlaw A criminal
Paris That place where everyone dreams of going to someday
Patience For the very patient dog. No one can mess their mood up
Porsche Does your dog ride around in your sports car? You DO have a Porsche? Two great reasons to use this puppy name.
Rascal Seemingly gets into trouble almost all the time
Ricochet Picture a Chihuahua with this name. Check the Chihuahua names list for even more ideas.
Rio That popular tourist attraction in Brazil
Sabre This is one my favorite names on the cool dog names list. Notice it is spelled different than the “Saber” you generally see. This is spelled like the cool post-World War II jet used in the Korean War.
Safari Great name for a hunting dog
Salem Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s cat. Should also pass off as a great dog’s name
Shasta An Indian from northern California and southern Oregon
Spirit full of life
Sputnik Small and cute
Squeak Does your dog squeaks instead of barks? (This might be a little too weird but there might just be at least one)
Sunshine The sunshine of your life, brightening up even your darkest days
Taboo This one really gets me thinking. Black dog? A dog with squinty eyes? Hmmm.
Tango Does your dog love the Tango? Why not name him it?
Traveler Loves travelling. Perfect name for a dog companions of travellers
Tsunami Leaving them to roam the home alone results in a catastrophic scene that looks like your home just experienced such a disaster
Woodstock Were you around in August 1969? If you were, you can name your puppy after the famous musical event. If not, you can go with the famous Peanuts cartoon character.
Zeke This name is on a lot of my puppy names lists, including the one syllable dog names list. It’s one of my very favorite names. It just has a great ring to it.
Zigzag Goes this way and that way in a flash. Just could not seem to stay still.
Zoey Greek for “life”


Can’t find the name you like on the Cool Dog names list? Don’t give up. Visit our Dog Names by Breed list or one syllable dog names list to do some more searching. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

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