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S Puppy Names – Names That Start With “S”

S puppy names is an extensive list of puppy names that begin with the letter S. Visit our list of dog names for a variety of other naming categories.

If you are looking for celebrity or famous dogs names like Scooby-Doo, the Great Dane made famous in the TV cartoon series Scooby-Doo, or you need to search our list of male or female dog names, keep looking! Finding just the right name will pay off in the end.

Spend a little extra time now to be sure you have the perfect name for your new best friend.

We even have an extensive list of dog names by breed. Need a name for your Chihuahua, German Shepherd or Australian Cattle Dog? We have a list for all three and a whole lot more.

The “S” list is one of the longest with 453 names, so don’t get in a rush. Sammy, Sarge or Scamp will be happy you visited the S puppy names list!

Sabbath Sevan Snuggles
Saber Seven Socket
Saber-Tooth Seychelles Socks
Sabina Seymour Socrates
Sable Shadow Sofi
Sabrina Shah Sofia
Saburo Shakespeare Sofya
Sachi Shalimar Soleil
Sachio Shamrock Solo
Sada Shamu Solomon
Sade Shamus Solstice
Sadie Shanahan Sonata
Safari Shane Sons
Saffron Shangri-La Sooner
Safia Shanta Sophie
Saga Shari Sorbet
Sage Sharkey Sorcerer
Sahara Sharmine Sorceress
Sailor Sharp Souline
Saint Shavonne Sour
Sakari Shawnee Sourdough
Sake Shayla Southern Comfort
Saki Sheba Southpaw
Sakura She-Devil Spades
Salamander Sheehan Spaghetti
Salamon Sheena Spago
Salaun Sheer Spam
Sally Sheik Spanky
Salomo Shelley Sparkey
Salomon Shenanigans Sparkle
Salomone Sheona Sparkplug
Salsa Shep Sparrow
Salt Sheri Specs
Salty Sheriff Speedy
Salvatore Sherlock Spellbinder
Sam Sherwood Spencer
Samantha Shiitake Sphinx
Samba Shing Spice
Sambuca Shingo Spicy
Sam-I-Am Shirley Spider
Sammie Shiva Spike
Sammy Shizuka Spinner
Sampson Shizuko Spirit
Samson Shoeless Spitfire
Samu Shoeshine Splash
Samuel Shogun Spock
Samurai Sholto Spooky
Samwise Shone Sport
Sanborn Shooter Spot
Sanders Shortcake Spring
Sandi Short Stack Sprite
Sand Rat Shorty Spuds
Sandman Shotgun Spuds Mackenzie
Sandor Showboat Spumante
Sandy Showoff Spunky
Sanford Schramsberg Sputnik
Sangria Shrapnel Spy
Sansone Shredder Spyro
Santa Fe Shrimp Squat
Santa’s Little Helper Shylock Squeaky
Santini Si Squid
Santo Sickle Squiggy
Sapphire Sideways Squirt
Sarasota Sidney Stacy
Sara Sidon Stanislao
Sarafina Siegfried Stanislas
Sarge Siegmund Stanislaus
Sargent Sienna Star
Sarika Sierra Stardust
Saril Siffre Stargazer
Sarone Sigefroi Starlet
Sarotte Sigmund Starlight
Sasha Signe Stars
Sashimi Sigrid Starsky
Sasquatch Sigvard Stefan
Sassafras Silhouette Stefano
Sassy Silky Stella
Satay Silvain Stellar
Satchel Silver Stephane
Satchmo Silver Spoon Stephanie
Satin Simba Sterling
Sato Simion Stetson
Sauce Simmy Sticks
Saucy Simon Sting
Saundra Simona Stinker
Sausage Simply Red Stinker Belle
Savage Simpson Stinky
Savannah Sin Stoffel
Savernake Sina Stogie
Savoy Sinatra Stoli
Sawa Sinbad Stone
Sawney Sinclair Stones
Sawyer Singer Stoney
Sayo Sir Storm
Scamp Sissy Stormy
Scamper Sitting Bull Stowaway
Scampi Six Toes Stray
Scarborough Skedaddle Strega
Scarlet Skeeter Strongheart
Scarlett Skidder Strudel
Schatzie Skip Stubbles
Schmoo Skipper Stubby
Schmooze Skippy Stump
Schnapps Skittles Sugar
Schnook Sky Sugar Baby
Schooner Sky Hawk Sugarbaker
Schwarzkopf Skyrocket Sugar-Plum
Schweppes Skywalker Sugi
Scintilla Slate Suisan
Scooby-Doo Sleepy Suki
Scooter Sleestack Sukiyaki
Scorpio Sleet Sulfur
Scotch Slicker Sultan
Scoundrel Slinky Sumo
Scout Slippers Sun
Scrappy Slobber Puss Sundance
Scrappy Too Sloth Sundancer
Scratchy Slugger Sundown
Scrooge Sly Suni
Scruffy Smasher SunKiss
Scrumptious Smokey Sunny
Scuba Smoocher Sunnybrook
Scud Smores Sunrise
Scully Snaggletooth Sunset
Scylla Snake Sunshine
Sea Dog Snap Supertramp
Seabreeze Snarl Susan
Seal Sneakers Susann
Sean Sneezy Sushi
Search Snert Sussudio
Sebastian Snickers Suzette
Sebastien Sniffer Suzuki
Secrets Sniffles Swami
Seek Snifter Swampy
Seifert Snocap Sweathog
Seki Snooker Sweet
Seneca Snookums Sweet Cheeks
Senga Snooky Sweet Pea
Seonaid Snooper Sweetheart
Sepp Snoopy Sweetie
Sera Snooty Sweetness
Serenade SnoPea Swizzle
Serendipity Snow Sy
Serengeti Snowball Sybil
Serge Snowberry Sydnee
Sergeant Snowbunny Sydney
Sergio Snowflake Sylvain
Sergius Snowman Sylvester
Seumas Snowy Sylvia
Seuss Snuffles Symphony
Sevak Snuggle Puss Synergy

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