Australian Cattle Dog Names: 101 Names for your Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog NamesThe Australian Cattle Dog names list is filled with names suitable for this hard working, farm loving herding dog breed. Many of the names on this list come from the breed’s native Australia. Examples include Sheila, Digger, Jarrah and Miki.

Hunting for a famous name? Look for highlighted entries with details about famous people and characters who inspired some of the names on this list.

The Blue Heeler, as they are also known, may not fit as well in the famous dog names category as a Chihuahua or Shih Tzu, for example, but there are a couple dogs of note.

Zip is the name of an Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler that starred in Last of the Dogmen, a 1995 film with screen actors Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey.

While Australian Cattle Dogs have also appeared in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrier, The Blob, Babe and other movies, most are nameless.

There are also not too many of these dogs that fit in the famous Australian Cattle Dog names list because they are owned by famous people. You may just have to make a name for yourself or your Blue Heeler dog and change the trend.

Something to remember when naming your Australian Cattle Dog is to match your dog’s personality to their name.

If you will be using your dog for herding, you should also consider their name in light of their purpose. For more great ideas, visit our list of famous dog names or one syllable dog names.

If you have a name to share with the rest of us, please use the form at the bottom of this page. You just might make someone’s day!

To learn more about this working dog breed, visit our Australian Cattle Dog breed information page. Learn about the Australian Cattle Dog temperament, trainability, and even a little of the breed’s history before deciding on this or another dog breed.

Below is a list of my favorite 101 Australian Cattle Dog names. If you don’t find a name you like after browsing the list, return to our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

AceThe Best.
AussieSlang word for a person from Australia, appropriate for the Australian Cattle Dog names list.
AustinFrom Augustine – Exalted one.
BaileyTrusted guardian of others property.
BanditOne of the most popular Australian Cattle Dog names in the United States.
BaronA low ranking nobleman.
BearBear-like. Big, scruffy, and huggable
BelleBeautiful woman.
BikkieBiscuit or cookie.
BitzerA mongrel dog.
BlitzI love this name for a herding dog.
BlizzardViolent snowstorm.
BlueA color between green and indigo. Great name for the Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler breed.
BooleanPertains to a confusng system consisting of two values
BoomerA large male kangaroo
BrizzieSlang for Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.
BrodieA ditch.
BrumbyWild horse.
BucketA leader and organizer
BuddyFrom Budd – The welcome messenger.
Famous Name: George “Buddy” Guy (born 30 July, 1936) is a five-time Grammy Award-winning American blues and rock singer and guitarist. He ranked 30th in the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list by the Rolling Stone magazine.
BusterExtraordinary one.
CliffFrom Clifford.
CobaltMasculine; perfect if your dog has beautiful blue eyes
CoorahAn Aboriginal word for woman.
CopperA reddish brown metal – as in copper penny coins. Also slang for a police officer.
CoreyChosen one – from the hollow.
DagA goof, humorous person.
DangerClumsy; a dog who manages to stumble upon practically anything
DashTo move with haste, to rush. Punctuation.Long sound in Morse code.
DieselPhysically powerful; a dog who’s popular with the ladies (both lady dogs or humans)
Famous Name: A popular American actor, Vin Diesel (born 18 July 1967) started acting at age 7 in theaters. He is best known for his action films, like The Fast and the Furious franchise.
DiggerAustralian soldier.
DoodlesAlways has to be the center of attention. Always.
DookieHas a brown fur with a distinct smell
DragoA Soviet boxer who claimed that he is able to defeat all men
DuxSlang for “top of the class.”
DynamoFrisky. Does not seem to lose energy.
EckoSteet-savvy and cool.
EdwinRich and fortunate friend.
EllisMeans “My God is the Lord”
FootyShortcut of football. Or practically anything that refers to a foot.
FrankFrom Franklin – Free-holder of property.
GomezStands for “man”
GopherName of a rodent with thick body and short legs.
GrumpsSulky and cranky. Is easily irritated.
HammerWith boundless energy. Irritatingly sweet
IvanA Russian form of John.
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JackarooMale station hand.
JarrahAn Aboriginal word for a type of eucalyptus tree.
JasperFrom Casper – Master of the treasure.
JenkinsProne to accidents. Unbelievably gets into all sorts of troubles.
JillarooFemale station hand.
KarriA Western Australian Aboriginal word for a type of eucalyptus tree.
Kiah“From the beautiful place.”
KimballName of a popular business-savvy guy
KiwiAustralian slang for New Zealander.
KolyaAboriginal word for Winter.
KoraA companion.
KylieWestern Australian word for boomerang.
Famous Name: Kylie Minogue (born 28 May 1968) started out as an actress in Australia before eventually making it big as an international recording artist. She is the only performer to put her first 13 singles in the UK Top 10.
MalcomMeans “Columba’s servant”
ManduThe Sun.
MartyFrom Martin – Warlike person.
MatildaFrom Mathilda – Brave little maid.
MikiAn Aboriginal word for the moon.
MitzvahInduces celebration. Life of the party
MurphySea warrior.
Famous Name: Eddie Murphy (born 3 April 1961) is the voice of the funny and adorable character Donkey in the popular Shrek series. He has starred in about 40 movies, grossing more than $6 billion worldwide.
NeedlesA small slender instrument used for sewing.
NiokaGreen hills.
NipperSlang term for a young surfer/lifesaver. Also describes the Australian Cattle Dog’s herding method.
OrbitsMove in circles. Probably a dog who enjoys chasing his tail.
PacoEagle (Spanish for Frank).
PandaA black and white bear from the mountains of China and Tibet.
PicklesFood flavored in a solution of vinegar.
RigglesA wriggler who can’t seem to sit still.
RipperLoves tearing or breaking practically anything.
RockyAn underdog who made it big.
RooSlang for kangaroo. One of the cutest Australian Cattle Dog names.
Roo RooA sound that a dog makes that is between  whimper and a bark.
RunwayA strip where vehicles or models run or walk through. 
SapphireA clear, usually blue gemstone.
SheliaAustralian label for a woman.
SheppsReferring to a relative or close friend.
SiloSlang for tall or long.
SookyAnimal or person who is soft or tame.
StormStrong winds accompanied by rain or snow, thunder and lightning. Uncontrollable.
TaliaNear water.
TallaraAnother name for rain.
TazA cartoon character who enjoys spinning and being mischevous.
TobyFrom Tobias – God is good.
TripperA tripping or triggering device on a mechanism.
TrooperA state or mounted police officer. Also a member of a cavalry unit.
TroubleA cause of disturbance or difficulty.
TurboDriven by a turbine – turbocharged.
WallySomeone who makes mistakes.
WilsonSon of Will.
Famous Name: Thomas Woodrow Wilson (28 December 1856 to 3 February 1924) was the 28th US President (1913 to 1921) of the United States. Once of his most famous quotes is: “The seed of revolution is repression.”
YouriAboriginal word, meaning “to hear.”
ZipAustralian Cattle Dog that starred in the 1995 film, Last of the Dogmen.
ZivaYouthful, beautiful, and energetic.

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