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Medium Dog Breeds
Pros and Cons of Owning a Medium Sized Dog

“Medium sized dogs, like small dog breeds, are often adaptable
and can make good apartment dogs.”

For many dog lovers the medium dog breeds are the perfect choice. First of all, there are a lot of them from which to choose. The term “medium” covers a lot of sizes and means different things to different people. So it may include dogs from the 13 inch Beagle to the American Cocker Spaniel.

They are often more active than Toy dogs, which make up most of the small dog breeds. However, many medium dogs still require only moderate amounts of exercise, so they can be adaptable in terms of where they live. And, if you have a family, there are many medium sized dogs which are suitable as good family dogs.

Popularity of Medium Dog Breeds

There are plenty of benefits to choosing a medium sized dog and one of them is the fact that there are so many medium-sized breeds. There are probably more medium sized breeds than any other size dog.

Whether you like a friendly Beagle or a more exotic Chinese Shar Pei, medium sized dogs come from all over the world, and exist in every coat type, temperament and activity level.

The Pros of Living with Medium Dog Breeds

Medium Dog BreedsMedium dog breeds, like small dog breeds, are often adaptable and can make good apartment dogs. They often require more exercise than small dogs but, if you are willing to take them for walks and find a place for them to exercise with a good run now and then, they are usually happy to live in the city.

You may spend more on dog food than for small dog breeds but it will be less than you would spend for a large dog. The cost of vet care will be slightly more than it is for small dogs but it should be less than for a large dog. Medium sized dogs, in general, may live between 10-14 years, so they enjoy long lives. However, you will need to check the average lifespan for any breed you are interested in.

To give you some idea of what it would cost to keep a medium-sized dog, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) National Pet Owners Survey from 2005-06 found that the average cost of owning a dog for a year was $1,571. Depending on where you live, the size of your dog, and how much you spend on your dog (i.e., whether you buy the cheapest or most expensive products, whether you have a very expensive veterinarian, whether your dog has any serious illnesses that need treatment, etc.), you may spend more or less in a year.

Traveling with a medium sized dog is usually a little more difficult than traveling with a small dog. Medium dogs are not allowed to fly in-cabin on planes, so if your dog accompanies you on a flight he will need to fly as baggage on the same plane. This is slightly more expensive than flying in-cabin. Some hotels and motels will not accept dogs that weigh over 30 pounds so you’ll need to plan ahead to be certain of your accommodations.

There are many medium sized dogs which are very good with children and which make excellent family dogs. If you are interested in getting a dog that is good with children be sure to check to see if the breed you are considering is considered good with children.

Medium breeds usually make good family companions. They are not easily injured by playing with children or by having accidents, the way that small dogs may be. Many medium dog breeds are very sturdy dogs.

With regard to temperament, medium dog breeds can vary a great deal. For instance, the Whippet is a medium dog which is somewhat sensitive and enjoys being spoiled (though it’s a marvelous athlete). At the same time, the Australian Cattle Dog is a medium dog which is as tough and sturdy as you could imagine, full of energy and capable of herding cattle.

There’s such a wide range of medium sized dogs that it’s best for you to do plenty of research before you decide. Be certain you make a good choice for your lifestyle.

The Cons of Living with Medium Dog Breeds

Most of the cons of living with a medium dog breed exist because they are a little larger than small dog breeds. They cost more to feed than small dogs. Their vet care is somewhat more expensive.

They generally require more exercise than small dog breeds. Just a few pounds and inches can make a big difference in some cases. Even the toys for a medium-sized dog will probably cost a little more than toys for a small dog since they will need to be larger.

Popular Medium Dog BreedsMany of the Terrier breeds fall into the medium dog breed category. Terriers can be prone to digging. It’s a natural instinct with them. So, watch out for your garden and check for holes in your yard.

You should also check your fences regularly since your little digger may start to tunnel out. The sheepdog and herding breeds may try to herd your kids or other pets.

With all this said, many medium sized dogs are very popular. Whether you intend to get your dog from a breeder or from your local shelter, make sure you do plenty of research before getting any dog.

It’s always important to make sure that a breed or mix will fit your personal lifestyle.

Popular Medium Dog Breeds

Some of the most popular dogs registered with the American Kennel Club are medium dog breeds. You can also find plenty of medium-sized mixed breeds at your local shelter. Here’s a list of some of the most popular medium dog breeds from the AKC:

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