The day I got my first Basenji

The day I got my first Basenji

by Elizabeth Salisbury

(Elgin Oklahoma US)

My First Basenji

My First Basenji

I got him without researching first. He was 6 months at the time (4 now). I got him from craigslist.

Left him alone for 15 minutes to go to walmart and get dog food and toys. He trashed my apartment. The list of damage includes:

Down blinds
Shredded carpet (I couldn't open my front door)
Pee and poo everywhere
A hole in my couch
And a destroyed doorway

All of this in a 15 min time span! I NOW know to crate him when I leave.

NEVER get a Basenji without researching and having a crate!! He has been the best dog since though.

Very sweet and dog friendly. Cuddly and an excellent companion since I trained him. He can Sit, Shake, Lay down, and Stay now. He knows also how to "Crate up".

Dynamite comes in small packages with this breed!

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by: Sharon

Glad you stuck with him! He looks adorable. I saw my first Basenji from Roscoe, Texas. The owner named him Roscoe. He was adorable and he had him trained well, so I would have probably made the same mistake. However, all young pups are young pups and a crate for all is a good idea!

Separation Anxiety in Basenjis

by: Pat

Hi Elizabeth,
Sounds like you have a winner dog now that he has been trained and he knows who runs the house (not him!). Some people would probably have put him right back on Craigslist after the "gift" he gave you.

Basenjis are known for hyperactivity, their inquisitive nature and separation anxiety. You hit the trifecta on your very first day.

Way to stay with it. You now have a great dog and a lot of great training experience to boot.

Have fun with ... him (I wish I knew his name!)

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