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Stop Dog Chewing
How to Stop this Potentially Costly Problem

“If your dog is eating poop you should have him seen by a veterinarian.”

How to Stop Dog Chewing

Dogs chew for many different reasons. Fortunately, dog chewing, while it can be a costly problem, is usually easily stopped. Whether you have a puppy who chews because he’s teething or an adult dog who chews because he’s bored, there are some good ways to stop dog chewing.

Why Dogs Chew

Dogs chew for lots of different reasons, depending on their age and what’s going on in your home. Here are some of the top reasons dogs chew and how to stop dog chewing.

*Puppies — Puppies start to get their permanent teeth when they’re about four months old. That means your puppy will be cutting teeth. He’ll want to chew on everything because cutting teeth can hurt and chewing on things can make him feel better. He’ll be getting his adult teeth until he’s about seven months old but the chewing can last longer than that. Most puppies will explore things by tasting them. This behavior can continue until your puppy is about 18 months old.

You can cut down on your puppy’s unacceptable chewing and stop dog chewing by providing him with things of his own to chew on. While he’s cutting teeth, make sure that he has all kinds of things to chew on — soft things, hard things, rubber toys, ropes — you name it. The more things your puppy has to chew on, the less likely he will be to get something of yours.

Stop Dog ChewingYou can also help the teething by keeping a supply of wet wash cloths frozen in your freezer. These are safe for your puppy to chew on and the cold, icy feel of them is soothing to your puppy’s gums. You can simply wash them and re-use them when your puppy is through chewing on them.

Of course, it should go without saying that when you bring a puppy home you should “puppy proof” your house. Put anything you value out of reach of your puppy, especially things that your puppy could chew on like shoes, remotes, eye glasses, and so on. If you leave them out, your puppy will find them and eat them. That’s what puppies do.

*Adult Dogs — Adult dogs will often chew on things in your home because they are simply bored. If you work all day and leave your dog loose in the house, you may come home to find books, shoes, cushions or other things chewed. Your dog may be acting out or he may simply be bored and trying to entertain himself. Either way, there are some ways to stop dog chewing.

First, make sure you are spending plenty of quality time with your dog when you are home. Maybe your dog is feeling like he’s not getting enough time and attention. Secondly, increase the amount of exercise your dog is getting. Dogs that are happily tired because they’re getting plenty of exercise are more likely to sleep while you’re at work or away from home.

Third, check your dog’s food. In many cases the protein content of a dog’s food may be too high for the amount of energy he is actually using. If you are feeding your dog a food designed for the energy needs of a much more active animal, then your dog may be a little hyper when he’s left alone.

Finally, make sure your dog has plenty of toys and safe things to chew on when he’s home alone. He should have constructive ways to entertain himself so he won’t have to resort to eating the sofa.

There are many excellent interactive games for dogs available now that will keep your dog busy and stop dog chewing. In some cases you may want to consider crating your dog while you are away from home, but most dogs can learn to stay loose in the house without chewing on things.

Advice For All Dogs

One good way to stop dog chewing is by adding basic dog obedience training to your dog’s routine. Obedience training gives your dog a positive focus and teaches him to enjoy learning. Even learning basic commands can help stop dog chewing and it will strengthen your bond with your dog.

Dog obedience training can help with many dog behavior problems. Most dogs are much happier when they feel they are earning your approval through obedience training.

Final Thoughts

Dog chewing can be a costly problem if your dog chews on furniture and possessions. If you will make sure your dog or puppy has plenty of his own things to chew on and you follow the suggestions offered here, your dog should stop the chewing very quickly.

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