Siberian Husky – Not so selfish]]> ]]>

Siberian Husky – Not so selfish

by Amanda

(Wakeman, Ohio, USA)

Growing up, I had 3 huskies at my mother's. My mom had just recently adopted a new little puppy and, as a kid, I enjoyed the new family member.

As I continued to play with the puppy, the female got jealous almost immediately and charged at me, lips curled. I wasn't sure what to do, so as I sat there with Arcaine (the puppy) in my arms, my other 3 year old dog, Storm, stood in front of me and took the brunt of the blow from the female dog.

The fight between them ended with my mom pulling them apart. I suppose if a little kid gets a husky as a puppy and spends a lot of time with them, they become at least a little bit loyal.

I understand some of the attributes aren't necessarily an average husky temperament but they are just like people. With difference personalities 🙂

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Great Husky Dog Names

by: Peter

First, that's a great story and so true of most dogs. It is nearly impossible to pigeon hole a dog breed's temperament since every dog is unique.

Siberian Huskies, in particular, are independent and can be very selfish. The jealousy is understandable.

What I really liked about your story was the Husky dog names. Storm is a fairly common puppy name, especially for a Husky, but Arcaine is unique and special.

The only thing I wonder is why the spelling with an "i" included. Since the word "Arcane" means mysterious or even puzzling, it is a great Husky dog name.

When you look at a Siberian Husky they have a very mysterious air about them. Look at their eyes and, at least for me, it makes me wonder what they are thinking.

That's why I think Arcaine (or Arcane) is such a great puppy name for this breed. You probably had something entirely different in mind!

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