by Harrison Schaefer

(Kansas city MO.)

Means shepherd (in German) like a sheep herder. Also my last name. Protector.

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Great German Dog Name

by: Pat

Shaefer is a great name for the male German Shepherd names list. It also works well for other German dogs, like a Dachshund, or a Keeshond.

When you start looking, it's amazing how many dog breeds originated in Germany. Most people could probably think of 10 or more with a little effort, even though there are more than 40 to choose from.

I am partial to German Shepherds because I have owned 4 of them. The first was named Baron, the second was Kody, short for Kodiak, the third was named Sam and the fourth was Sam II. We really liked the name Sam!

German Shepherd dog names, in my opinion, should be strong names to represent such a courageous, energetic and confident breed. Schaefer does a nice job of that.

I think it's great that you share the same name with your dog. My son shares my middle name, but I can't imagine a dog named Pat. Maybe some day.

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