Problem Dog

Problem Dog

by martin


I have been walking this dog for a neighbour, he is very friendly towards all people, is scared of most dogs and does not know how to play.

This dogs was rescued from a rubbish dump, we assume it was raised by a cypriot as we live in cyprus, in cyprus most dogs are kept outside and exercised only at the weekend and are severely displined.

I have only a small problem with this dog as follows

When on a lead this dog is very obedient, however for him to get, as i see it, enough exercise i need to let him of the lead, when of the lead if close he will obey, but normally as soon as i release him he will run approximately half a kilometer away. This in its self is not a real problem as he will return inside of five minutes unless, he finds an animal. The only real problem with this dog is if he finds a game or foul bird or a cat he will run it down kill it and then start to eat it

If anybody knows how i can stop my dog from killing chickens and cats i would greatly appreciate it, as at the moment i walk him with an extendable lead and he is not getting the exercise he should.

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Dealing with a Problem dog

by: Patrick

Hello Martin,
Sorry to hear about your dog problems. From the sounds of your story, more exercise would help, but likely not solve the problem. Once a dog tastes the blood of a chicken, for example, they will always be tempted to attack one again.

I once had a dog that got into some chickens when she was less than a year old. She killed at least three. About five years later, our neighbors got chickens and she made it into the chicken coop when the door was open. She killed 5 of the 12 chickens in the coop.

She is not a mean dog, either. She is normally a very loving, friendly family dog.

My advice is still to give the dog more exercise and do what you can to keep her under control when she is outside. If there is a remote place where the dog can run off leash without the possibility of causing problems for others, that is a great way for the dog to get exercise.

Sorry I don't have an easy answer. Best of luck.

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