Mac is a 4 year old who was rescued at one and a half years old. He was full of parasites and had no training. We had an old Border Collie who despite her age whipped him into shape.

The B.C. (Bella) died and we were left with a well trained dog. Mac is medium to high energy who is calm if given sufficient exercise.

He is affectionate with family, a good watch dog, travels well, gets along well with other dogs but is prey driven on cats/squirrels. He does shed and if an immaculate house is your thing a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever wouldn't be good.

Overall a Toller is a great dog if one is committed to regular exercise and making him part of your family.


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Wonderful Family Dog

by: Pat

Sounds like your Little River Duck Dog (another cool name for this dog breed) is a wonderful addition to your family.

If you have never given Mac a chance to play (or work) in the water, Tollers love it. Our Labrador Retriever has a very similar temperament and she LOVES the water.

I also really like Border Collies and think it's great that Bella had such a positive impact on Mac - almost like a big sister.

Have fun!

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