My Stress Buster Tibetan Terrier – SCHOTI

My Stress Buster Tibetan Terrier – SCHOTI

by Devesh





Manipulative Pose

I have always been very fond of dogs and always had one since I was a kid. My first dog was a German Shepherd and we named him DON; he was adorable and time spent him him are my sweetest memories.

After he passed away I was not very keen on dogs until one day when I entered this pet store and came across a white fluffy cute looking pup. I immediately took him home and he became my companion.

I never knew what the breed was until I paid the bill at the pet shop, the owner told me its a Tibetan Terrier.

When hearing of Tibet I thought he would be something like a Lhasa Apso. I read about the breed weeks later and came to know what a TT actually is.

Schoti is a solid color pure white TT; he is very lively and needs constant attention. Surprisingly he is a very intelligent dog and I don't need to work a lot with him to train him.

He understand me very well and loves to manipulate me all the time with those cute eyes and actions.

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adorable tibetian terrier!

by: Anonymous

i'm about to buy one of these puppies. hope it's a good choice and it's my first very own puppy!
i'm soooo excited!

Transporting to US

by: Devesh

Hi All,
I am planning to bring Schoti to US this november. Can anyone help me with US govt. Requirements?
Your quick help will be HIGHLY Appreciated!!!

I cant just leave him.


not just a dog

by: devesh

yup i truly enjoy him 🙂
and you are quite right...
he is not just a dog, he is
much more than that.

Tibetan Terriers make Great Family Dogs

by: Pat

Aside from being a little demanding in the grooming department because of their long hair, the Tibetan Terrier is an excellent choice for a family.

They also make great first-time dogs since they are very easy to train.

One more cool thing about this dog breed is the way they look. They actually look like they could sit there and have a conversation with you. Maybe yours does?

Enjoy Shoti!

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