My Chi Pup

My Chi Pup

by Cacai

I just got my Chihuahua pup from a breeder. A known breeder of other dogs, although the Chis are not those he enters in dog shows.

This breeder produces champion dogs of other dog breeds and he is breeding to upgrade the quality of his Chihuahuas. I was so excited. This was my first time to own a Chi, not knowing of the congenital defects the Chihuahuas are prone to.

Having a Chi pup makes me read articles about the breed, thus having a little knowledge about the open fontanels and umbilical hernias. I have seen some photos and was shocked and disappointed because I've observed that mine has both.

I don't know what to do. I already fell in love with my pup and was planning to breed and improve its quality in the future. However, I also read articles that dogs having these defects should not be bred as these defects can be passed to its future puppies.

It hurts me, because the fact that I got it from a reputable breeder and a well known figure in dog circuits, I WOULD NOT believe that HE DOES NOT KNOW, and failed to mention these conditions that the pup has. Maybe thinking that he can't sell it if he tells the truth.

The lesson is not all breeders of quality dogs are honest about their dog breeds. I was so disappointed that I lose a little interest to continue my plan of having a kennel of my own and had a bad experience with a breeder whom I thought that was not after the money and someone that can be proud of his breeds. For his own sake, an MD by profession.


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