Kingston our Dogue de Bordeaux at 19.5 months old and 145 lbs

Kingston our Dogue de Bordeaux at 19.5 months old and 145 lbs

by Courtney


This our boy Kingston, a Dogue de Bordeaux. Hes 19.5 months old and about 145 lbs and still filling out.

I have to say that i completely recommend this large dog breed. He's excellent with children, very intelligent and when appropriate a great guardian of the home and owner.

They don't drool like many other breeds do (in the movie Turner and Hooch they manufactured drool). We've only seen him drool when he eats and drinks, then you give him a little wipe with a towel and hes good to go.

Hes a great conversation piece as he often gets noticed when we bring him out into the public by onlookers.

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by: Anonymous

Just got a 7 week old male puppy. Today bother came over to see him and he STARTED TO GROWL AT HIM. WHY DUE YOU THINK HE DID THAT HE WAS FINE WHEN WE GOT HIM.

Kingston's sister

by: Anonymous

I have Kingston's sister Tuesday out of Ruby and Mugsy. He looks great I bet. Tuesday is 3 now I just saw this face and knew it must be him.


training my dogue de bordeaux

by: christine

I have just got a dogue de bordeaux and i am finding it hard to train. She keeps weeing on the carpet even if i have taken her out for an hour.

Sometimes when i open the back door to let her in the garden she will sit at the door and not go out. I do have to walk out with her and then i come in and she sits at the back door whining.

If she does do her business outside i praise her. Sometimes she can be out in the garden 15 mins and when i let her back in she will do her business again.

She is called belle and I can't understand what i am doing wrong. She is 4 and a half months old and we have had her 2 weeks now.

I do have another puppy but she is just a small dog who is good with her training. She is 4 months old but sometimes she will do it on the carpet like belle and she knows it's wrong. Please help !!!!

Beautiful French Mastiff

by: Pat

Great picture! It sounds like you found the perfect match for your family.

If you have read Courtney's story, there are a couple more details you might want to consider before welcoming a Dogue de Bordeaux into your home.

First, they are huge. Adult Dogue's can top 160 pounds. Even if they are gentle with children, they can knock a smaller child to the floor without even trying.

Second, dog training works best with a trainer who is dominant, i.e., the "pack leader." This is not to say they are heavy handed. Positive dog training methods work best (praise and rewards). Just be sure to start training and socialization when they are young.

These dogs can be very gentile, especially as they age, but they have a lot of power and can be quite aggressive when provoked. That's another reason training and socialization are so important.

Finally, although you may not compare them to a Saint Bernard that seems to be constantly drooling, the Dogue de Bordeaux does drool. As Courtney explained, it is generally during meal time or when they are drinking water. Just be ready with a towel or rag.

Good stuff, Courtney. Glad you love your dog!

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