Harley our Havanese

Harley our Havanese

by Aliesha


Harley our Havanese

Harley our Havanese

Harley is a Havanese is what I am told. He is amazing and was a rescue pup.

Found him on Craigslist and the person knew nothing of what she had or how old. He was kept outside and was very dirty when we got him and he was only 9 weeks old.

Harley is now spoiled and a complete house pup. He is not yet a year old but is becoming one of the best dogs I have ever owned.

He is small enough for me to handle now. To anyone who needs to have a child around when they have empty nest, a Havanese is the dog breed to have.

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Reminds me of my Cockapoos

by: Pat

Hi Aliesha,
Your little Harley reminds me of our three Cockapoos. They are one of the best family breeds (OK, cross-breeds, hybrid breeds, etc.) we have ever owned.

Sounds like Harley was, literally, a diamond in the rough. So dirty when you found him and the owner knew nothing about him. Bad for them, but good for you!

He looks like a little cutey. Probably gets plenty of pampering, too. Maybe a Havanese is in our future? Not sure I could convince my wife to move away from Cockapoos.

My best buddy has a female Miniature Schnauzer named Harley, but he (not the dog) owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle, too. Wonder where he came up with the dog name?

Have fun!

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