“Gregory” our Lab Pup

“Gregory” our Lab Pup

by Jonarita Isabelita R. Crave

(Davao City, Philippines)

this is Gregory, our 4 month old Lab pup, the new member of my household.

this is Gregory, our 4 month old Lab pup, the new member of my household.

Hi. Recently, (December 1, 2011) my husband bought a 4 month old Lab pup from his office mate. At first I was hesitant to have another dog in the house, specially a Labrador, it's odd for me and ewwws... ha ha!

But when, my husband told me to go with him to get the pup, I didn't resist... in that cage where this pup housed, there were 4 of them, it is this little handsome caught my attention.

When I started saying HELLO he moved towards and looks at me "as if he was smiling, and telling me to get him", and then I said: HELLO, WHAT'S YOUR Name? he just wagged his tail,ha ha...

When I picked him up out on that cage, he behaved and started licking my arm and my face, and I started to shout saying GREGORY ewwwssss ha ha!, maybe his way of saying THANK you?..ha ha! That's it, the story of my dog's name... 😀

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RE: "Gregory" our Lab Pup

by: Jonarita Isabelita R. Crave

To Sharon:

Hello Sharon. Thank you for leaving a very sincere comment about my Gregory. Happy Holidays!

Winning your heart

by: Sharon

I love the picture of Gregory and the story you shared in how he won your heart!
Enjoy your new family member!

Interesting name for a Yellow Lab

by: Pat

"Gregory" is an interesting yellow lab name and one I probably would not have considered.

First of all, it caught be by surprise when I saw the picture of your yellow Labrador Retriever and learned he was in the Philippines. When I visited your country a few years ago, I saw LOTS of dogs, but they all looked to be mixed breed dogs. I was visiting Santa Cruz, Laguna, for nearly a month and I don't think I ever saw a pure bred dog (probably just me).

Anyway, Gregory is a very cute dog with very big feet. I suppose he will be quite a large dog when he is fully grown. I have a chocolate Lab named Bailey and she is almost 13 years old. That's pretty old for a Lab, but she is still doing well (although she does pass a lot of gas!).

Labs of any color are great for families and I wish you the very best with Gregory!

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