Zak the Malamute Mix

Zak the Malamute Mix

by Ty Johnson

( Alaska, USA)

Zak the Malamute Mix

Zak the Malamute Mix

Zak is the best dog my family has ever had. He is mostly Malamute but is also 1/4 Pyrenees and 1/8 wolf.

He is 110 lbs. and just over 3 ft. tall at the shoulder. He has a wild and personable character and loves his family. His only flaw is that, like most Malamutes, he will attack other dogs and any animal.

He gets lots of daily attention and is usually walked twice a day. Dogs like this need exercise. The absolute best place for them is with a recreational musher/camper or someone with a lot of acreage. Please do not consider owning a Malamute if you cannot exercise it properly.

Also, a prospective owner should keep in mind that this dog belongs outside your house. A Malamute housed inside will become bored and agitated and will destroy both your home and your nerves.

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Zak is a Beautiful Dog

by: Pat

I'm happy for you and your family. Zak looks healthy and fit. That is a testament to your comment about not owning an Alaskan Malamute unless you have or take the time to give them regular exercise. Good advice!

You must have some experience with dogs since Zak's breed mix could produce a dog unfit for a novice. While Malamutes and Great Pyrenees dogs love their families, they may not win an award as the best family dog. At least not for every family.

For the inexperienced, go for something a little less intense. For you and your family, enjoy your treasure!

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