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More than 125 Wolf Dog Names

Wolves are relatives of dogs. And wolf names are quite popular for dogs as the two do look very similar. One big difference is that we can cuddle with dogs and not with wolves!

If you have a dog who is more like a wolf than a dog (and if he shares similar characteristics with his cousin), perhaps it would be a good idea to give him a name that’s rather “wolf-like.” Following are more than 125 options to consider.

There’s always the obvious choice like “Beowulf,” “Beast,” “Aspen” (perfect if the dog is a husky!), “Fang,” “Lobo,” or – what might be the most obvious wolf name – “Wolf” (or “Wolfy”).

But have you thought of actually giving it a contradicting name – just to break the system (and maybe confuse people)? How about “Buddy,” “Snowball” (again, perfect for a Husky), or “Puchi”?

An important tip to remember when naming your dog (even if he doesn’t look like a wolf) is to consider their personality. You can often determine a dog’s personality very early in their life, so don’t be in a big rush.

Wolf NamesMy sister has a black Labrador Retriever named Molly. One day, another abandoned black Lab wandered on to their property. After weeks of looking for his owner, they decided to keep him and they named him Buck.

The name suits Buck’s personality quite well and he seems to likes it, too. He answers to his new name, following training commands and acting as if Buck was his name all along.

Have fun exploring the Wolf Names list and, if you want to explore some of our more popular dog names lists, take a look at these:

Below is a list of more than 125 wolf names for your dog. Browse or study the list and have fun. If you don’t find a name you like, return to the main puppy names page for more than 4,000 fun and interesting options.

Name Meaning
Aiyana Means “forever” or “flowering”
Lefty A nickname for someone who is left-handed
Akira A manga series that is by Katsuhiro
Akino A Japanese singer, song-writer, and lyricist
Alaska One of the 50 states
Lexi Could be a shortened version of Alexis
Lexis Could also be a shortened version of Alexis
Logan There is an airport called Boston Logan International Airport
Loki Loki is a god in Norse mythology.
Alpine There is a city in Texas called Alpine
Luigi Mario and Luigi are the two main characters in Super Mario
Alusia Some exotic name for a girl
Luna A nickname for the moon. This is one of my favorite wolf names.
Lupe Lupe Fiasco is an American rapper
Lupin Remus Lupin is a character in Harry Potter
Malakai Means “my messenger”
Adimar In German means “He whose battles have made him distinguished”
Maple Like maple syrup
Maverick A maverick is an unbranded cow, or steer
Maya Form of “May” Or “Maia”
Meeka A brand of sandal
Archie Archie Andrews is a very famous comic book series
Ari Means “lion”. For the lion-like dog.
Midna A main character from the Nintendo game, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Arctic The most northern part of the earth
Misty Covered in mist or dew
Mitsu A shortened version of the word Mitsubishi
Moon The night time light of the sky
Ashka Ashka is the name of a Salon and Spa in canton Michigan
Moose A large deer; an elk
Aspen A city in Colorado
Nadia Means “hope”
Aura Means “glowing light”
Nala Sumbas girlfriend in The Lion King
Avi An author of books for children and teens
Ayka Short for “Ayaka” which means “flower” in Japanese
Balto A famous Siberian Husky sled dog. Balto is popular on the husky dog names list, and is a great addition to the wolf names list.
Nomad Someone who travels all over the place not permanently ever settling down
Bear A very large mammal that is known for stealing food from camp grounds  
Baron Means “free man”, or “free warrior”
Beau Another name for a boyfriend
Onyx A form of quartz
Okami Japanese word for “wolf”. Great name for hunting dogs
Black Ice A clear sheet of ice on the road that isn’t actually black and it is very dangerous to drive when it is on the road
Ben Short form of “Benjamin” or “Benedict”
Orca A type of whale
Blitzen One of Santa Claus’ reindeers
Breeze A gentle wind. A cool addition to the wolf names list (pun intended).
Rose Lovely flower in varying colors of red, white, yellow, pink
Ryka A variation for “Reika” which means “fresh flower”
Buster Nickname used for a fellow or tough (or dog, that is)
Sable With a black coat
Cari Short form of “Carrie”
Saphira A variation of the precious stone “sapphire”
Chewy For the dog who loves chewing things?; can also be shortened form of Star Wars’ Chewbacca
Saskya Means “Saxon woman”
Seska Can be a variation of “Saskya”
Chronos The personification of time; also a supervillan in DC Comics
Cloud A dog that seemningly looks like a puff of cloud
Copper With a red-brown coat
Shei Can be short for “Shiela” which means “heaven”
Dakota Brave and unbeatable warrior
Dasher One of Santa Claus’ reindeers
Siku Great name for a big dog, preferably one with a white coat
Silver A shiny grayish-white metal
Delta The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet 
Sky The celestial dome. Can also mean to hit a ball into the air
Sloan Means “expedition” or “invasion”
Smokey Simlar to that of a smoke; like having smokey fur (or eyes?)
Snowball That little fluffy dog that you can effortlessly roll into a snowball
Diamond One of the most-loved gems in the world; also is the hardest
Desoto A now defunct brand of automobile based in the United States
Storm Violent; leaves everything in chaos, just like in a storm’s aftermath
Donder One of Santa Claus’ reindeers
Dwan Probably a variation of “Dwyn” which means “to steal”
Suki Japanese for “beloved”
Duke A male ruler
Duchess The Duke’s partner. Need a pair of wolf names? This is a perfect pick.
Echo A reverberating sound. In Greek mythology, also nymph who sorrowed from unrequited love until the only thing that remained was her voice
Tank A large receptacle or storage chamber (probably for food)
Eclipse Rare, just like an eclipse
Edge Means “border” or “end of a surface”
Teeko Intelligent and strategic, just like the game
Electra Full of life and viracity. Can also be named for a dog owned by a Carmen Electra fan
Teva Herew for “nature”
Timber A hardwood
Estona Female version of “Easton” which means “from the East Town”
Flash Quick as lightning
Titus A Roman emperor
Titan With very great strength, intellect, or importance
Todd Means “fox”
Tonka An American toy company  known for its toy trucks and construction equipment
Frosty The snowman with “a button nose” and a “jolly, happy soul”
Gage Means “measurer”
Tundra A vast, flat, treeless Arctic region with frozen subsoil
Ghost Seemingly like a sprit or soul of a deceased person
Glacier A slowly moving mass or river of ice
Willow With spikey fur, just like the tree
Winter That time of the year when its freezing and everything’s blanketed in white
Whisper Speaks (or barks, that is) very softly
Grace Means “charm”; can also mean “gift”
Granite Very hard and impenetrable
Gypsy A traveller with dark skin and hair
Hali Greek for “sea”
Zelda German for “woman warrior”; for owners obsessed with “The Legend of Zelda” video games
Zoey Greek for “life”
Hawk Possessing keen sense, just like a hawk; perfect name for a guard dog 
Hera A goddess and the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology. (She is also Zeus’ sister, just so you know). Gods and goddesses are popular as wolf names.
Jade Gemstone with a lovely green hue
Jaden A combination of “Jay” and “Aiden”. Perfect if these were the names of the parents of the dog
Java An island in Indonesia; also a caffeinated beverage
Juno The goddess of marriage and childbirth
Kasper A variation of “Casper”, popularly known as the friendly ghost
Kato Latin for “good judgement”
Keanu For the dog owner who is a big fan of the movie “The Matrix” and Keanu Reeves
Keeko Can be a variation of “Keiko” which means “blessing”
Keesha A variation of “Keisha” which means “her life”
Keeva Means kind, beautiful, and gentle
Kenya A country in Africa; Hebrew for “animal horn”; Japanese for “wise”
Kiana Means “living with grace”
Kodiak An island in Alaska; also a kind of bear
Leah In Hebrew, means “weary”
Shika Short for “Shikamaru” which means “as a deer” in Japanese
Nanook The master of polar bears in Inuit mythology
Mahika Means “earth goddess”
Nadie Means “hope”; can also be another form of “Nadia” which means “no one”

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