Training my Pekingese dog Romeo

Training my Pekingese dog Romeo

 Romeo outside in the grass

Romeo outside in the grass

I just got a Pekingese dog named Romeo. I've only had him for about 3 days and oh boy is he a tough one!

It is so hard to house train him but what I do is when he wakes up, from either a nap or from the night, I kiss him good morning (because he's excited) and then put him on the wee wee pad. He walks off of the wee wee pad but if I keep putting him on, eventually he will go pee. Then I give him a treat and tell him good boy!

He doesn't do this all the time, so when I see him sniffing around I get him on the wee wee pad quick! He will NOT walk on a leash. If I put on a leash he will lay down and not move an inch.

I also have problems with him eating. I personally think he doesn't eat because he's lazy and doesn't like to pick his head up in the bowl, because if I put the food on the floor he lays down and eats it.

Those are pretty much the only dog training problems I have with him except for the biting.

Puppy biting is only because he is a puppy but if he bites me and not his toys I make a stern voice and tell him no and bad boy, so he doesn't think its okay to bite other people.

He does have the most adorable personality! He sits like a rabbit because of his double joined back legs. He's very affectionate and loving. I love my Pekingese dog very much!

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Stubborn pekes

by: Anonymous

Awwwww so cute. I have 3 pekes and yes they r hard 2 train. Just keep at it i guess. I love my pekes!

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