St. Bernard Puppy

St. Bernard Puppy

by Anshu

(Goa, India)

I have just got a nine week old male St. Bernard puppy. I have not started training him yet so he messes up the house often.

I dont want to scold him or be harsh with him, (Dont have the heart to do that!).

I am looking for kinder methods of house training and obedience training for him.

He is the cutest and the most lovable dog I have ever had!

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Saint Bernards are Great Dogs

by: Pat

You don't have to use harsh methods to train your Saint Bernard puppy. In fact, positive dog training methods work better. You just want to be sure to start now rather than waiting because this breed gets harder to train the longer you wait.

St. Bernards take longer to train but they are eager to please you. Start with basic dog obedience training like "sit" and "stay." Be positive and consistent, using praise and rewards when your dog does something right rather than punishing your dog when he does something wrong.

Also, have your dog spend plenty of time around people and other dogs so he becomes comfortable at a young age. Expose him to as many unusual situations as you can; things like strange or loud noises, other pets, etc. If you don't start early with socialization, he may become difficult to handle.

The Saint Bernard breed is a great dog, as long as a huge dog that slobbers and sheds a lot is OK for you. They are faithful companions and quite calm around people, including children.

Just be sure to spend plenty of time with your dog, start training NOW and remember to focus on socializing early (now).

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