SOOKI LOVE LOVE – My Schipperke

SOOKI LOVE LOVE – My Schipperke

by Candi

(Midwest, United States)

I had never seen a Schipperke until three weeks ago. I was visiting my brother, who was in the midst of marital breakdown. The dog was being neglected.

I immediately made it my mission to find Sooki (previously named Sadie) a great home. A week had passed, no interest.

Long Story made a little shorter, I brought (Sadie) Sooki into my home. I gave her a more fitting name that she responds to very well.

She had severe dry skin. Flakes of dried skin, basically dandruff, in her fur, all over her belly. I keep her on a pretty set schedule. Eats twice a day, dry food with wild salmon oil. One squirt once a day.

Just in the past two weeks, her skin condition has turned around. I brush her once a week. She gets plenty of exercise, and spends most of her time at my side.

Sooki was easily kenneled, where she sleeps every night. Please take this thought with you. Sooki is great, she got the rotten end of the stick.

Please, if ever you take on a responsibility like a pet (a Schipperke, another dog breed, etc.) finding yourself unable to care for your pet, please do the right thing and contact your local dog shelter and/or dog rescues.

Sooki is a great family dog and a nice addition. I only wish i had more space, more resources show love to all the other discarded pets.

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Shipperkes make great family dogs

by: Pat

I'm very glad you were able to help Sooki. She needed a family to call her own and a place where she would have someone to love.

These little Belgian barge dogs make good watch dogs, too, since they are very alert and protective of their family. I'll bet she loves to be with you.

The Shipperke is not among the most popular dog breeds, but they make great family dogs. And, because they fit in the small dog breeds category, they can also fit in with more families.

Enjoy your new friend and thanks for doing something to help rescue a dog. You may not be able to help more dogs at this point, but you did help one!

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