Sled Dog Names: More than 100 Names and Meanings for Sled Dogs

Sled Dog Names
More than 100 Names for your Sled Dog

The Sled Dog names list is filled with names suitable for these unique, hard-working dogs. Sled dogs are not one particular breed, but some are more popular than others.

Names for sled dogs are often tied with the terrain or the environment where they spend much of their time. Examples include Tundra, Everest, Juneau and Shasta.

Sled dogs are certainly some of the most revered among notable canines, and one significant reason is the 1150 mile Alaskan Iditarod race. The sled dog names list includes the names of every lead dog involved in the Iditarod race since its inception in 1973, the most famous of which is Andy, Rick Swenson’s lead dog for 4 of Rick’s record 5 Iditarod wins.

The most famous sled dog in history is undoubtably Balto, whose name you will also find on the famous dog names list. Most kids know Balto as the star in an animated Disney film of the same name, but Balto actually became famous as the lead dog in the 1025 “serum run to Nome.”

The serum run transported diphtheria antitoxin from Anchorage to Nenana, Alaska, to fight the deadly disease from spreading. Today’s Iditarod race commemorates the serum run. If you want to learn more about the serum run, there is a great Wikipedia article on Balto that tells the details.

If you want to see a great movie about sled dogs, one of my favorites is Eight Below. I won’t spoil it for you, but be prepared to cheer for a pack of ingenious dogs with the will to survive in difficult circumstances.

Sled Dog NamesMy best advice for naming your Sled Dog, or any dog for that matter, is to match your dog’s personality to their name. As an alternative, you could tie their name with their environment, such as snow, things associated with Alaska, winter, etc. For more great name ideas, visit our list of famous dog names or one syllable dog names.

If you have a name to share with the rest of us, please use the form at the bottom of this page. You just might make someone’s day!

To learn more about the two most popular purebred sled dog breeds, visit our breed profiles for the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. You will learn about their temperament, trainability, and even a little of the breed’s history before deciding on these or other dog breeds.

Below is a list of my favorite 101 Sled Dog names. If you don’t find a name you like after browsing the list, return to our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Meaning
Aisha One of Muhammad’s wives
Ajax Means “of the earth”
Akiak A city in Alaska
Akyla From “Akila” which means “eagle”
Alaska One of the 50 states in America
Aleu Balto’s stubborn daughter
Alpine Means “from the Alps”
Anchorage A city in Alaska
Angel Heavenly Host
Antarctica One of the seven continents
Apollo A very important Olympic god in Greek and Roman theology
Aspen A city in Alaska
Astro Greek for “of the stars”; can also be a tribute to “Astroboy”
Aurora Like Aurora Borealis
Avalanche A sudden and extremely fast flow of slow down a mountain
Babar A French children’s fictional character who is an elephant
Balto A Siberian Husky sled dog who led his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome. Most famous of sled dog names.
Bear Big and cuddly like a bear
Bella Italian for “beautiful”
Blaze Means “flame”
Blizzard A severe snowstorm with strong winds
Casper The friendly ghost
Cessna A type of plane
Chilly Distant and cool; unfriendly
Chinook Winds often called Chinooks, commonly referred to as foehn winds
Cobalt A hard silvery-white magnetic metal
Coconut Come from palm trees
Comet A small, icy Solar System body
Crystal There is a place called “The Crystal Ballroom” in Portland
Cuddles For that dog that loves to cuddle
Cupid A main icon of Valentine’s day
Damini Hindi name for a girl
Dandy A man who puts importance in physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies
Dasher One of Santa’s reindeer
Denali Another name for Mount McKinley
Desna A river in Russia and Ukraine
Destiny A predetermined course of events
Diggy For the dog who lvoes to dog
Domanique A variation of “Dominique” which means “of God”
Echo In Greek mythology, a nymph who sorrowed from unrequited love until the only thing that remained was her voice
Elissa Means “God is my oath”
Eska A variation of “Eko” that means “first child”
Everest The world’s highest mountain above sea level
Fire Fire is hot and orange
Flake Like a snow flake
Flurry A small swirling mass of something
Freeze Be turned into ice or another solid as a result of extreme cold
Frosty The popular snowman with a “jolly, happy soul”
Genen Means “son of the fair-haired one”
Gigi A nickname for practically any name that starts with G
Granite Many people use granite for counertops in their homes
Hendrix Like Jimi Hendrix. I don’t have a sled dog names for rockers, but this would be on it if I did!
Hotfoot Lead dog in the 1973 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Hunter The one who hunts
Icicle A spike of ice formed from fronzen water
Indigo Another name for blue
Isis A goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs
Ivory An off-white color
Jasper Means “treasurer”
Jazz Music style that started in the 20th century
Juneau The capital of Alaska
Juniper Latin for “Juniper Berry”
Juno Goddess of pregnancy and childbirth
Kaya Scandinavian for “pure”
Keiko Japanese for “blessing”
Kiana Means “living with Grace”
Klondike Like the ice cream bar
Koda A tree from China, Japan, New Guinea and Australia
Kodiak A city in Alaska
Kona Short for “Konala” which means “world ruler”
Kronos A Titan, the father of Zeus
Krypton A colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas
Kye Means “ocean”
Lady A girl, woman, she, female, etc.
Laska Short for “Alaska”
Lon A nickname for practically any name that starts with “Lon”
Lucca A city and commune in Tuscany, Italy
Luka Female version of “Luke.” One of my favorite sled dog names (and it’s not just be cause I’m a Star Wars fan).
Mala Means “necklace, garland”
Malakai Means “My messenger”
Maya A diminutive form of May or Maia
Michelo Male version of “Michelle”
Midnight The transition time period from one day to the next
Mikki A variation of “Mickey”
Mischa A variation of the name “Misha”
Misha Means “Who is like God?”
Mishka A reggae singer from Bermuda
Moonbeam May refer to Moonlight
Mozart A classical musician
Musher The dog who turns everything to mush
Nala Simba’s best friend in “The Lion King”
Nanook The master of the bears in Inuit mythology
Nikita Means “unconquerable”
Nikko Means “vistory of the people”
Nilak Means “a piece of fresh water ice”
Nilla Like Nilla Wafers. I love Nilla Wafers. Sled dog names and cookies – mmmmm!
Nina Spanish for “little girl”
Nini A nickname for practically any name that starts (or ends) with “Ni”
Nome A city in Alaska
Nova Latin for “new”
Nugget As in, Alaskan Gold Nuggets. Lead dog in the 1974 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Can’t find the name you like on the Sled Dog names list? Don’t give up. Return to our Dog Names by Breed page to do some more exploring. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

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