Sasha – Malamute Rescue Dog Needs a Home

Sasha – Malamute Rescue Dog Needs a Home

by Bruce & Karen Bowman

(Winlock WA USA)

Sasha is a beautiful grey/white, 6 yr old, 80 lb. female Malamute "rescue dog"; that is, she and her two yardmates were dumped off on our property a little over a year ago. We have found good homes for the Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever. Seeing her lifelong pals leave has been hard for her even though we have two other large dogs.

Sasha has a home with us for as long as needed and she is loved and cared for. But adding the third dog places a financial strain on us and we would like to find a good home for her. Trouble is, she has some issues and would need a special person to handle her.

She is territorial and becomes very much the bully over "her" food and chew toys, etc. Her growls and snarls can be quite intimidating, though if one is Alpha enough she will give way. Also, her left hip and foot are painful, causing her to be ultra-sensitive to being handled. Aspirin and joint supplements help quite a bit.

She allows grooming to some extent. Much patience and also firmness is required. I have bathed her (once) and it was not enjoyable for either of us. Am about to try it again but thinking a sedative (for her - or for me?) might be a good idea.

On the upside, she does this adorable "happy dance" whenever she sees us or, more accurately, her food. She sings beautifully but not often, so she's a delight to hear, not a torment. In spite of her bully ways, she's a loving and lovable dog and we do enjoy her. She enjoys her daily walks with my husband too.

If anyone out there is that special person who has the desire to give this dog a forever home, we're in the phone book.

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