Quila – My Siberian Husky

Quila – My Siberian Husky

by Tina Nobles

(Sheridan Arkansas)

I have 3 adult Siberian Husky dogs. Quila, Febbe and my males name is Demon.

My Quila and Demon are proud parents of 5 baby pups 3 female 2 male. The most beautiful puppys. Great markings on all of them.

I just want to say i love my dogs. I have 6 grandchildren ranging from 1 month to 7 years old and they are so good with them.

My huskies all live in the house with us. They are great pets around children. And i think everyone should have one.

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My Siberian Huskies

by: Tina Nobles

So for those who seen my last page. I took a few pictures of my huskys. And it has been 8 days since our new additions to our family arrived. In a few days all of there eyes will be open. I cant wait to see if there eyes are blue.

Did you know the Siberian Husky is the only husky that can have blue eyes. That does not mean they will have. My Quila has black eyes. My Demon has 1 amber eye and 1 blue. And my Febba has blue eyes.

Check out my pictures. And i still think every child needs a husky. Thanks Tina

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