Our Pet Westie

Our Pet Westie

by Jenn


We have a 12 year old Westie and we named him Tavish (Tavi) for everyday.

If you are looking for puppy names, I suggest looking in a baby book or look for names in your favourite book or movie. Try something out of the norm.

Were getting another Westie in about a week and were naming him Casper, like after Casper the ghost. He is small, white and friendly so it's the perfect fit!

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Tavi is a Great Puppy Name!

by: Pat

I'm just curious if you named your West Highland White Terrier after Knight-Commander Tavish from Dragon Age. You suggested trying something out of the norm when naming your puppy and this would definitely qualify.

Based on Tavi's age, I can see why you might want to get another one. People really seem to like these dogs.

The only thing I hope is that Tavi will accept the new pup in your home without too much trouble. Since Westie's tend to be possessive of their owners and their space, it's something to at least be aware of.

Depending on whether it is male or female, perhaps you will name your new puppy Alistair, Wynn or Leliana.

Puppy names are fun and I love your creativity. Enjoy your Westies!

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