Naming a Dog

Naming a Dog

by Derek Dunn

(Edinburgh, Scotland)

I tried and Tried to name my Puppy it took a long time until my wife gave me my tea.

She gave me Haggis and that was it. My Puppy is Called Haggis. Is That Cool or What !!!!!

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Haggis and Whisky - You need another dog!

by: Pat

Hi Derek,
I like the name Haggis as a puppy name, but I can't imagine eating the stuff. Actually, I have heard that Tabasco and enough whiskey will wash it right down.

Maybe you need a second dog named Tabasco or Whiskey? Those probably need to be added to the list of name!

By the way, for those reading this who can't imagine association your dog's name with eating sausage made of sheep's intestines stuffed with heart, liver and lungs, as well as a few other tasty morsels, you could always associate your puppy name with the film writer, Paul Haggis.

Paul Haggis wrote the screenplay for Million Dollar Baby (Directed by Clint Eastwood), Crash (Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay), and others.

Just thinking outside the box here (or, the intestines). To me, Haggis sounds like a great name for large dog breeds. I wonder what kind of dog Haggis is?

Thanks for sharing!

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