My Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

My Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

by David


Hiking in the Allegheny National Forest

Hiking in the Allegheny National Forest

I currently have 2 RR's. Best dog breed in the world as far as I am concerned. They are smart, loving, loyal and great buds. I will always have Ridgebacks!!!

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Rhodesian Ridgeback Family Dog/Singles Dog

by: Anonymous

Each to their own breed.
When I wanted a dog I knew I wanted either a Rottweiler, a American Staffie or a Rhodesian Ridgeback which my deceased dog was all of these breeds.

Lets say the moment I went to the breeder I had made my decision on the spot.

My RR has the same temperament of his mother. Cheeky, intelligent, loving, loyal and friendly. He is a big boy weighing at 50kg at 19-months. But his the goofiest most loving dog. I am blessed to have him, his my pal, my rock and my furkid. My life wouldn't be complete without him, i just couldn't imagine him not being in my house this very moment I write this.

I don't have kids and am single so his basically my one and only knight in shining armour. Sounds cheesy but its true.

One of the best temperaments in a dog I have come across and they're beginning to be quite popular now. I reckon they will soon replace Labrador Retrievers as THE family dog.

I love my boy and even though I wanted to kill him when he was teenager (MOST HORRIBLE PERIOD EVERY!) my patience and consistent in training has paid off in the long run.

10/10 for the BREED


by: Anonymous

my ridgeback has lovely eyes


by: dog lover

Hi David, my husband believes in Bull terriers, but my daughter wants a RR (begging him). We're scared cause we know little about this breed...but... Your buds are BEAUTIFUL !

THE Breed

by: Scott M

David, we could not agree more! We will never own another breed. Our Ridgeback is 9 1/2 now, a little slower these days but still the greatest dog in the world. He's about to be joined by a brace - a male puppy next month and a female in Feb. what a blast that will be!

Love the Picture

by: Pat

Hey David,
What a great picture of you and your two buddies. I'm a Labrador Retriever guy, but your comments make the Rhodesian Ridgeback sound very tempting.

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