My Flat Coated Retriever named Silver

My Flat Coated Retriever named Silver

by Noel


My Flat Coated Retriever exhibits all the outer and inner traits of the so called FCR, and as the story goes regarding the origin of FCRs, he also exhibited a color of his ancestors, a white patch on his chest, just like the extinct St. John.

I never had a dog so intelligent than Silver, not even my favorite German Standard Schnauzer. Compared to Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd in our village, Silver is too fast to learn, and seems to understand the emotion of people around him.

The only problem with such a wonderful dog is being too friendly even with strangers.

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Best Family Dogs

by: Pat

Hi Noel,
It's great to hear what a good dog Silver has been for you. My family has had a chocolate Labrador Retriever for 13 years and we feel the same about our Bailey dog.

The Flat Coated Retriever has not been the most popular dog based on the American Kennel Club ranking (103 in 2010), but they sure are loved by their owners.

If you asked anyone who owns a FCR, they would for sure put them on the list of the best family dogs. They just wouldn't make the list of the best guard dogs since they are so friendly.

When I was in the Philippines in 2007 and 2008, I only saw one pure bred dog. The rest (and there were many) all seemed to be mixed breeds and they all looked pretty much the same (I was in Santa Cruz, Laguna). So it was fun to read about the different breeds in your village.

Enjoy Silver!

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