My family’s favorite female German Shepherd names.

My family’s favorite female German Shepherd names.

by Brenna


I like, Lexy, Lucy and most of all Larka. I must admit that it was really hard naming our Female German Shepherd puppy.

I liked larka my sister liked larka and my dad liked lexy, Lucy and cassie. I had come up with the name lexy.

I came up with lexy because I was thinking about what our other two dogs were named. One Bentley which is a car and the Lexus is also a car and to shorten it I came up with lexy.

Naming your puppy larka will not disappoint you. My other puppy, a Chihuahua, was named Oscar. Oscar was never my favorite name. I thought it was ok.

I very much do like Avalanche, pronounced a/vo/lan/ch. Or spirit.

Thank you for reading my family's top favorite female German Shepherd names!

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Female German Shepard names

by: Sharon

Those are great names for your Shepard’s. Our friends only have German Shepard’s and the names they have chosen were ‘Asti (after the champagne), Sudee (Swahili, it is supposed to mean hello), Moose (just because) and Neuf (it is the letter 9 in French). I have Rotty’s and named my current companion ‘Diesel’ after Vin Diesel, the actor. Diesel is truly an action character with a ton of fuel to burn! He is 3 years old now and finally slowing up a tad bit! Enjoy your girls!

Great Puppy Names

by: Pat

Hey there Brenna - those are great names! I especially like that you gave the reasons behind the names.

That gives me some ideas for even more puppy names. How about Royce for Rolls Royce, Maybach for the ultra-luxury line of Mercedes Benz cars (that's a unique name) or Spur. Why Spur? Bentley makes a new luxury 4 door sedan called the Continental Flying Spur.

Actually, since Spur is a western sounding name, it might be good for the Australian Cattle Dog names list.

OK, three more. Quattro for the Maserati Quattroporte, or Masi (pronounced "Maw-zee"), or how about Phaeton, a luxury car put out by Volkswagen a few years ago.

Just so you know, my first two dogs were male German Shepherds named Baron and Kodiak. Not females, but great family dogs and I loved their names.

Have fun and thanks for writing in!

GSD old school

by: Anonymous

A fine German dog deserves a name reflecting their heritage. No car names please.. including "Benz."

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