lhasa apso

lhasa apso

by mary


I got my lhasa apso about 6 months ago. My other dog had died at aged 16 and I was lost without him.

A friend of mine asked would I take this dog so of course I said yes. He's about 2 and a half, a great dog, very funny full of personality, and makes me smile a lot.

He does have a few issues like growling even at me if I touch him where he doesn't want to be touched, move him if he doesn't want to move. So I get cross with him and ignore him but he hasn't stopped yet. I'm working on it but I think it seems to be in the breed.

He's not a great eater and he gets constipated a lot which he gets distressed, and he scratches a lot which I put down to the bad diet.

But he's very good for training. When I let him loose in the field and call him he will come and he stays.

I love him to bits, hes not a great one for walks he loves the beach, and loves the car and has to come everywhere with me. Hes great with my cat which I was worried about but he never chased the cat. Just went up to him and tried to play much to the cats horror.

I would totally recommend the lhasa apso breed of dog. They are a very easy dog to look after, loves to be admired and chat to people which means there's less walking. He would sit and people watch all day.

Also likes to watch tv. Perfect companion for older people as well I would think.

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