Hoover – Our Bernese Mountain Dog

Hoover – Our Bernese Mountain Dog

by LaRue Cobb

(Winnsboro, Louisiana)

Hoover at 6 Months.

Hoover at 6 Months.

Hoover, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is now 14 and a half months old. He is a very sweet and loving dog. The only drawback is his size.

When he gets excited and you try to hold him back from something, you learn quickly how hard it is to hold back 100 pounds of over excited puppy. He is still very much a pup. We are starting to see some signs of adolescence.

Hoover is a house dog as it is too hot in the summers in Louisiana for him outside. The only problem with him being a house dog is that I now have a new best friend-my vacuum cleaner.

He LOVES the cold weather. You have to make him come inside when it is freezing outside.

I would highly recommend this large dog breed to anyone who is willing to train-train-train. You do not want 100 pounds out of control. He has been raised around my grandchildren and LOVES them.

Hoover was 4 months old when my granddaughter was born and he was sooooo funny. He wanted to lick her so bad-but I kept talking softly and telling him to be easy and that she was a baby-so he just put his tongue on top of her head and left it there, it was too cute.

He is a great dog-we love our Hoov.

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