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German Dog Names
More than 101 German Names for Your Dog

Explore the German dog names list and find a perfect name for your German dog breed. Even if you don’t own a Doberman or Rottweiler, there are more than 101 great names to fit your dog.

Are you originally from Germany? Do you own a German Shepherd, Dachshund, Keeshond, Great Dane or other breed hailing from Deutschland?

Maybe you got your dog from Germany or a German friend gave him to you? Whatever the case, take a look at our list of German names and give your beloved pet the most fitting name that you can find.

Some of the most common ones are Axel, Attila (as in Attila the Hun), and Adolph (I know, I know. This might remind you of that infamous German tyrant but it totally has a different spelling. Plus, it will sound more lovable when given to a dog).

German Dog Names
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You can also choose from: Adel, Aldo, Boris, Emily, Gerda, Otto and Wolfgang. Check out the list now! Your German dog is waiting!

Below is a list of more than 101 German dog names and meanings. Take your time and sich amüsieren (have a good time).

If you don’t find a name you like, explore our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Meaning
Adel A noble person. For the proud dog who always holds his head up high.
Adelaide A female dog with all the noble qualities of a queen.
Adler Eagle-like. Perfect name for a hunting dog with the keenest senses.
Adolph A noble wolf. Maybe a great alternative for “Adel,” although this name closely resembles an infamous tyrant.
Adolpha Female form of “Adolph.” Give his female partner this name.
Alaric Ruler of all people. For a dog who is the leader of the pack (or thinks he is).
Albern Noble warrior. A male dog who is up for any challenge, although not necessarily for fights.
Aldo Means “the wise one.” For the dog who seems well beyond his years.
Alger A noble spearman. Perfect name for a hunting dog.
Alice The one with noble qualities, like a queen or princess.
Alisha Having the most excellent qualities. Perfect name for a female dog that is just flawless.
Alvin True friend to all and wags his tail to practically any other human or animal that it comes upon.
Amelia Means “industrious.” For the dog who’s always busy doing something (even when this something means chewing up shoes).
Archibald Royal and bold. This name sure sounds like it. Could call him Archie for short. One of my favorite German dog names.
Armand Means “guardian”. Excellent name for any guard dog.
Attila The legendary king of the Huns who invaded Europe in the mid 400s AD.
Axel The dog who brings peace or is just peaceful by himself.
Baikal A huge lake in Siberia and is the world’s deepest freshwater lake. Perfect name for a Siberian Husky dog.
Baldwin Fearless friend who you will stand in front of you at all costs.
Ballard Perfect name for your male dog who is imbued with super strength.
Barrett For the dog who has the courage of a bear.
Bernard For the dog that’s as brave as a bear (or looks like one).
Bertha For the dog who is strong and bright.
Boris A proud warrior or fighter. Boris Karloff played Frankenstein in horror films.
Braun Brown. If your dog is brown, this German dog name is perfect.
Christiane Means Christian.
Dedrick The ruler over all the people (or dogs, that is).
Dustin Proud warrior. For the dog who always brings home the bacon (figuratively).
Eberhard A dog who’s brave as a boar.
Edel Distinguished person. A dog that is known all over the neighborhood.
Else For the female dog that you treat like a princess.
Emil A very resourceful person. For the dog who always manages to get a hold of his treats no matter where you hide them.
Emily The hard-working dog.
Emma The one who cares. Give this name to your female dog who is always at your side to cheer you up.
Emmit Perfect name for the hardworking dog. Also Emmitt or Emmet. Think Emmitt Smith, the famous American Football player.
Etta Means “small.” Very fitting name for any dog from a small breed. One of my favorite female German dog names. Think Etta James, the famous American singer, known for the song “At Last.”
Felda Good name for a female dog from the sporting breed.
Ferdinand Ferdinand V, the king of Spain and wife of Isabella. They were backers of Christopher Columbus.
Franz Fitting name for a dog that you got from France.
Frederica Means “queen.” This name says it all.
Freud Joy. Also, Sigmund Freud.
Frieda Refers to the dove. For the dog who brings peace. Or just a dog with white fur like a dove.
Garth  A person who is from the garden. Or the dog who loves to stay in the garden. Also among German dog names for country music lovers. Think, Garth Brooks.
Gerda A guardian. Perfect name for a female guarding dog.
Gretchen For the dog who as beautiful and precious as a pearl. For music lovers, think Gretchen Wilson.
Hamlin Lover of his home. For the dog who is just as content of his home as you are.
Harbin  Little shining fighter. Perfect for a small breed with a lot of spunk.
Hardy Give this name for your adventurous dog that you always being along to your travels.
Hedda Means “division.” Can be a name for a female dog with various colors.
Heinrich Ruler of the home. For the dog who seemingly calls the shots in your home.
Helga A name that means “a person of God.”
Hilda The fmale dog who fearlessly and even enjoys roughing it up with the male dogs.
Ida Also a hardworking dog.
Imelda Fierce fighter. A female dog who will never back down from any fight.
Irma A princess who sees herself deserving of royal treatment. For the dog that you spoil like crazy.
Jarman  Very appropriate among German dog names since it refers to a German. Fitting name for a German Shepherd breed.
Kirsten Another name for Christian.
Klein Short. Small. A fun German dog name for a small dog.
Lamar Well-know over the land. For your dog who has made a name for himself.
Lambert Comes from a radiant land. Or just looks radiant (probably because of its snow white fur).
Leonard Perfect name for a dog who is as brave as a lion.
Lukas Simply means, “From Lucania.” A strong German dog name, and one of my favorites. Also the name of Lukas Haas, a well known Actor.
Lorelai A high cliff on the Rhine where, according to German legend, a wicked nymph lures ships to wreck with her singing.
Louise Refers to a battle maid. For the female dog who will willingly back you up with any fight.
Magda Any breed of dog who is short and stocky.
Mallory  For a female dog who isvery wise.
Mandel Refers to an almost. For the dog who’s nuts in every imaginable way.
Marelda  Great warrior.
Millicent A hardworking dog. You can shorten the name up to “Millie” if you like.
Moritz The name of the dog of the Red Baron.
Nikita  A wonderful name for a Siberian Husky dog.
Odolf A wealthy wolf-like dog (who’s probably owned by a wealthy owner).
Oster Was your dog born at Easter? This name means east or Easter.
Otto A German dog name that means “wealthy.”
Panzer Refers to the armor. Perfect name for a dog who guards you (as well as your home) really well. Also the name of a German tank.
Penrod A famous German commander.
Raymond Wise guardian. A fitting name for your smart guard dog.
Rolanda From the great land, wherever this great land might be.
Roth Red. Great German dog name for a redish colored dog.
Saxon An ancient Germanic tribe that invaded and conquered parts of Britain.
Terrell Means “thunder ruler.” Perfect contradictory name for a dog who’s scared of thunders.
Uda An extremely wealthy person. Or a dog who has an extremely wealthy owner .
Ulf Refers to the wolf. Give this name to your dog who resembles his cousins (whether in looks, attitude or both).
Ulfred A peacefull dog. Absolutely nothing can tick him off (even those pesky kids).
Ullock A sporty dog who loves playing any kind of sport with you. if he were a real man, he would make for a fantastic jock.
Ulra Give your dog this name if she resembles a wolf (or acts like one).
Ulric For the dog who rules over everything (or so he thinks).
Ulrica A ruler over all. Perfect name for any guard dog breed.
Uta Refers to a rich person. In this case, it is a rich dog with a rich owner.
Vala Means the chosen. For the female dog that you have picked from the litter.
Valda One who rules or governs.
Vassily Perfect for your guarding dog who is a great protector.
Vladimir A famous German prince.
Volney For your all-German dog. Perfect for a German Shepherd.
Walda Great name for a Rottweiler who rules in your backyard.
Waldo The dog who demands the royal treatment. Would also be a great name for the dog that is very hard to find.
Wanda A dog who enjoys wandering around and cannot seem to stay put.
Warren Means “defender.” Perfect name for any guard dog breed.
Wendell German for “traveler.” For the dog who loves going to places (even if this means places in your home).
Wilda Refers to an untamed person. Perfect name for a dog that you are having a hard time training.
Wilhelmina Perfect for a German Shepherd or Rottweiler who’s a “diligent guardian.”
William A steadfast guardian.
Winifred A peaceful dog.
Winoal  For a charming and gracious dog that you greatly consider your friend.
Wolfgang Means “rising wolf.”
Wulf Wolf.
Zimmer Means “carpenter.” Also a famous name, as Hans Zimmer is the music composer who won an Oscar for his music score for The Lion King.

Can’t find the name you like on the German Dog Names list? Don’t give up. Return to big list of puppy names, or the Dog Names by Breed page here to do some more exploring. If you have a great name, tell us about it!

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