Female German Shepherd Names – Names for your Female German Shepherd Dog and Meanings

With so many puppy names to choose from, it’s hard to find fitting female German Shepherd names. Choosing the right name for such an intelligent, courageous and capable breed is an important step and worth the extra time it may take. It’s almost like trying to name Wonder Woman (hey, there’s an idea!).

Female Shepherds need a name with strong character, but matching the famale personality. What is the purpose of your German Shepherd? That also plays into your decision.

Shepherds play many roles from companion to guard dog. They also make outstanding service animals, often used to help those who are visually impaired.

If you want to learn more about seeing eye dogs and the fascinating story of Morris Frank and Buddy, visit The Seeing Eye website.

As a kid, I had two German Shepherds, but they were both male. Later in life I had two more male Shepherds, but they were not pure bred and both were named Sam (actually the second one was named Sam II).

Female German Shepherd NamesIf you need a boy dog name for your Shepherd, check the male German Shepherd names list. Otherwise, take a look at the list of names and meanings below.

One more thing . . . my neighbor raises German Shepherds and my favorite of her female German Shepherd names (so far) is Deja. That just seems like a cool dog name.

If you don’t yet own one of these impressive dogs, visit our German Shepherd information page to learn more. This may also help you choose an appropriate name for your dog.

Browse our list of more than 80 female German Shepherd names and their meanings. Take your time and have fun.

If you don’t find a name you like, expand your search to our list of German dog names or to our entire list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Origin
Adele Germanic for Noble.
Allegra Italian Lively or Cheeful. Latin for Joy. 
Ava   Latin name meaning Bird
Avalon Welsh for Apple Tree
Avis  Variant of Ava for Bird
Belvah Latin for Beautiful View
Bethan  Hebrew for God is my solumn vow
Bethanie  Latin for Enduring
Bethel Hebrew for House of Figs
Champagne  Hebrew for House of the Lord
Chelsea  A French Region
Daisy English for Day’s Eye
Dante English for Chalk Landing Place
Deja French for Already (also Dejah)
Delta German for Universal, Complete, Whole
Dulce  Fourth letter of Greek alphabet
Ella  Latin for Sweet
Emma Greek for Torch or Bright Light
Excel To be Superior
Exie Greek for Defending Men
Ermine  Latin for Wealthy
Eve  Hebrew for Life (also Eva)
Ezra  Hebrew for Aid
Fran Latin for Free (see also Frankie). A good one syllable dog name.
Frankie  Latin for One Who is Free (Franki and Johnny were lovers, you know.)
Gabriel  Hebrew for God is my power. Variants include Gabby, Gabbie, Gabriella, etc.)
Geneva  German for Woman – appropriate for the female German Shepherd names list!
Gerda German for Protected.
Gisela German for A Pledge. Variant of Giselle.
Gretel Character in German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
Hanna Hebrew for Grace. Variant of Hannah.
Henrika Germanic for Home Ruler.
Hunter  English for, you guessed it, Hunter.
Ida Germanic for Work.
Idalia German for Work. Variant of Ida.
Ionna Greek meaning God is Gracious
Irma Germanic for Universal or Complete.
Ivon German for the Bow of an Archer
Jade English for Precious Green. Also the name of my wife’s cat in college. Sorry, dogs.
Kiki  This is a shortened version of names beginning with K. Spanish origin.
Kona Gaelic for World Rule (also a popular spot in Hawaii)
Laney           Greek for Torch  or Bright Light (also see Emma)
Lucy  Latin for Light. Common name for Beagles to Boxers.
Luger An iconic German pistol. This made it onto the female German Shepherd names list, but it could also be a male name.
Luster German for Cheerful or Care Free
Lydia  Germanic for Noble Kind
Lyndi English varian of Linda
Matilde German for Powerful Fighter
Meg  Greek for Pearl. Short for Megan
Megan Greek for Pearl. Also Meghan
Melle A German City and a good one syllable dog name.
Milda A small German City. Also the Lithuanian goddess of freedom and love.
Millie  Germanic for Strength and Determination
Missy  English for honeybee. Short for Melissa
Molly  Hebrew for Bitter. The name of my sister’s Black Labrador Retriever. 
Myla English for Merciful
Nala African for Successful (remember Nala from Disney’s The Lion King)
Nixie German for Water Sprite (a water creature, being or monster)
Nellie English. Actually a shortened form of Eleanor or Helen
Olga German for Holy
Opal  English for Precioius Stone
Pearle English for Pearl (surprise). Also Pearl, Pearleen, Pearlene.
Raven English for Raven.
Regina Latin for Queen
Ricca Germanic for Powerful Protector. Also Rica and Rika.
Rika Germanic for Powerful Protector. Also Rica.
Ripley Germanic for Eternal Ruler
Rona Norse for Ruler with Counsel. See Ronald and variants for male German Shepherd dog names.
Rosa Latin for Rose.  Also Rosalia.
Sam Short fo Samuel; Hebrew for God Heard. Although Sam or Sammy are commong female German Shepherd names, they also make great male names. I had two male Shepherds named Sam.
Sandy Greek for Defending Men.
Selma German for Helmet of God
Shar Germanic for Free Man. Also Sharla, Sharleen, Sharlet.
Sigrid German for Fair Victory
Steffi German for Crown
Tilla German for Powerful Battler. See Tillie in male German Shepherd dog names.
Tilly German for Powerful Battler.  See Tilla.
True English name meaning Loyal. An appropriate entry on the female German Shepherds names list. German Shepherds are very loyal.
Trudi Germanic for Strength of the Spear. Variants of Trudie, Trudy, Trude.
Veronica Greek for Bringer of Victory
Willa Germanic for Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection
Wilma Germanic for Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection
Zelda German nick name of Griselda, meaning Dark Battle
Zephyr           Greek for West Wind. When I say the name, I think of motion.

Can’t find the name you like on the female German Shepherd names list? Don’t give up. Visit our male German Shepherd names list or our more general German dog names list for more ideas. If you have a name to add to the list, please submit your suggestion or story below.

Know any great German Shepherd Dog names?

Sometimes, the best way to get the perfect name for your dog is to ask a friend. Please share your ideas here for all to see. If you have a story to go with the name, please share that, too.

Why do you like the name? Is this your own dog’s name? You get the idea.


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My family’s favorite female German Shepherd names.  
I like, Lexy, Lucy and most of all Larka. I must admit that it was really hard naming our Female German Shepherd puppy.

I liked larka my sister liked …

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