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The Famous Dog Names S list has great names from Sam to Scruffy and from Snoopy to Spunky. There are more than 400 exciting possibilities. Here are a few examples:

Satchel: Featuring in the comic strip Get Fuzzy created by Darby Conley since 1999.

Shoeshine: The civilian name of the dog star in the 2007 Underdog movie.

Spot: In the 1946 book Dick and Jane, a children’s reader series. “See Spot run” is a famous line.

Our list includes dogs from TV and movies, politics and comic strips. If you know a famous dog that is not on the list, please contact me so I can add it.

Would you rather name your dog after one owned by a famous person or celebrity? Check our Celebrity Dog Names list for lots of possibilities. There are also hundreds of other possibilities on our puppy names list.

This page lists all famous dog names beginning with S. Jump to anywhere in the list by clicking on the letters below.

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Famous Dog Names S Dog Breed Why Dog is Famous
Sabi Black Labrador This military dog was a part of Australian Army in Afghanistan. She was declared missing in action in September 2008 and was found 14 months later by an American soldier. She was then reunited with the Australian forces.
Sam Cokers Spaniel The second pet dog in the comic strip Family Circus by Bil Keene.
Sam Cokers Spaniel The famous Sam from the comic book series Sam & Max. Also featured in the animated TV series The Adventures of Sam & Max.
Samantha German Shepherd The pet dog from the book I am Legend that later was made into film.
Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Border Collie From the book Everything Is Illuminated and later from the film with same theme.
Sandy Airedale From the Little Orphan Annie comics,cast on radio, in the Broadway musical Annie, and also featured in the 1982movie Annie.
Santa Paws Golden Retriver The star in the 2009 movie Santa Buddies.
Santas Little Helper Generic The pet dog of the Simpson family from the famous TV series The Simpsons.
Satchel Father was a Labrador Retriever, his mother a Shar Pei Featuring in the comic strip Get Fuzzy created by Darby Conley since 1999.
Scamp Cokers Spaniel Featured in the animated series Lady and the Tramp II: Scamps Adventure.
Scooby-Doo Great Dane One of the world famous cartoon characters from the comic strip Scooby-Doo that was lated made into films.
Scooper Siberian Husky One of several dogs in the film Snow Dogs.
Scruffty Generic Featured in the animated 1999 Bob the Builder TV series.
Scruffy Fox Terrier Was seen in the movie and TV series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.
Seymour Generic Featured in the late 1990s animated TV show Futurama on the Fox Network.
Seaman Newfoundland Meriwether Lewis’ dog who accompanied him in their famous journey.
Shadow Golden Retriver The pet we see in the film Homeward Bound.
Shelby Golden Retriver Featured in the Smallville TV series that began in 2001.
Shep Border Collie Star of the British children show Blue Peter.
Shiloh Beagle Star attraction of the 1997 film Shiloh, as well as the 1999 and 2006 sequels.
Shoeshine Beagle The civilian name of the dog star in the 2007 Underdog movie.
Shorty Siberian Husky One of the snow dogs in the adventure film Eight Below based on the disastrous 1958 Japanese expedetion to Antartica.
Sinbad Mixed breed U.S. Coast Guard mascot. A book was also written based on the dog, Sinbad of the Coast Guard.
Skip Jack Russell Terrier Star of the 2000 film My Dog Skip.
Slinky Slinky toy Featured in the 1995 Disney animated movie Toy Story.
Snert Generic Part of Dik Browne’s comic strip Hagar the Horrible.
Snitter Fox Terrier Found in the 1977 book The Plague Dogs, written by Richard Adams. Made into an animated movie in 1982.
Snoopy Beagle Inseparable part of the famous comic strip Peanuts since its first publication in 1950. Also found in the animated films later on.
Snowy Fox Terrier Companion of Tintin in all his adventures in the world famous comic strip by Herge.
Snuppy Afghan Hound The first dog to be cloned.
Sophie Labrador Retriever Character in the comic strip Dog eat Doug created by Brian Anderson in 2004.
Sounder Redbone Hound and Bulldog mix Sounder is a famous book written by William H. Armstrong in 1929, which later became a famous movie and TV show from the house of Walt Disney.
Sparky Generic Pet from South Park, both the movie and TV series.
Sparky Bull Terrier Sparky is also the name of the bull terrier in the movie Frankenweenie.
Spike Bulldog Look-alike to Snoopy from Comic strip Peanuts by Charles Schulz, but with a mustache, a thinner look and a fedora hat.
Spike Generic Animated dog in the Rugrats TV seris from 1990s on Nickleodeon Network.
Spike Bulldog The papa dog in Tom and Jerry cartoon from Hanna-Barbera entertianing children and adults alike since 1940s.
Spot Generic In the 1946 book Dick and Jane, a children’s reader series. “See Spot run” is a famous line.
Spot the Dog Cokers Spaniel This is the dog from the children’s book series and an animated series with the same name, popular in UK.
Spunky Golden Retriver Pet from the animated TV series Rocko’s Modern Life.
Spuds Mackenzie Bull Terrier Featured in Budweiser beer advertisments since 1987.
Stinky Briard Mix One of the two pets of Dharma and Greg TV series from 1997 to 2003.
Stogie Golden Retriver Acted in the TV series Mission Hill originally called The Downtowners.
Strongheart German Shepherd He was common dog actor in several films. One of the films was White Fang released in 1925.
Strelka Mixed breed One of the two dogs that went to space in Sputnik 5 and returned back to earth, safely. She also had a litter of dogs, one of which was presented to Caroline Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, by Nikita Krushchev.
Swan Sea Jack Black Retriever This dog is famous for saving the lives of many people in the town of Swansea. He was awarded many prizes for his bravery including ‘Dog of the Century’ award. He lived from 1930 to 1937.
Stubby Bull Terrier One of the most renowned dogs during World War I.
Sweep Spaniel A puppet in the British childrens TV series The Sooty Show.

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  1. Santa’s Little Helper was a greyhound. We know the puppies’ mother was a greyhound because Santa “met” her at the dog track, but that’s also where Homer found him originally in the Simpson’s Christmas Special.

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