Exceptions to everything

Exceptions to everything

by Lisa

(Metro DC, USA)

This article is fairly accurate, just that there's a Peke out there that's an exception to everything written here.

If you think you want a Pekingese dog, please contact a Rescue organization and discuss your concerns. There are low energy Pekes and high energy Pekes. There are thick coats and thin coats, bigger Pekes and very little ones.

Pekes with more snout have less breathing and tearing issues. And there are aloof Pekes and lap-clingers too.

As for toddlers, they're an easy target for toddlers because they're pretty small dogs. It's not that the dogs are bad with the toddlers, it's the toddlers are bad with the dogs. But toddlers grow up. And of course there are Pekes that are crazy for kids too.

As for the diet, the prepared higher end foods work just fine for Pekes. You might have to try several brands to find one that lessens the gas but doesn't upset the stomach.

Air conditioning and indoor living are a must for this breed, that is an absolute here.

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