Doberman Pinscher Names
More than 101 Names for your Dobie

Do you need a name for your new Doberman puppy? Following is a list of 101 Doberman Pinscher names to get you started.

If you have a female that is just adorable, why not stick to its German roots and call her something German? “Schmaltzy” can be the perfect name for your little treasure or sweetheart.

If your pup is joyful, you can call her “Ada.” For a loving pup, you can go with “Adele” (or if you admire Adele, the famous singer.)

Male Doberman pups deserve strong names like “Admiral” and “Achilles.” If you want to highlight your dog’s friendliness, you can name him “Amigo” which is Spanish for “friend.” Or, choose “Mon Ami,” which is the French equivalent.

For the unconditional love that your Doberman gives you, you can name him “Amore,” which is “love” in Italian.

Doberman Pinscher NamesDoberman Pinscher names for Star Wars fanatics are many indeed. For example, why not borrow from the main antagonist’s name and call your dog “Darth.”
The name “Ebony” is perfect for the dog with a silky, midnight black coat.

A frisky puppy can be named “Gazelle” after the graceful African antelope or “Mustang” after the free-spirited horse imported by the Spaniards. Do you own a puppy that is simply oozing with energy? Call him “Gazpacho” after the spicy Spanish chilled soup.

The “top dog” in your home deserves a name that fits, like “Primo.” “Proton” is also a great name for a strong and powerful Doberman pup.

Actually, you can name your puppy anything you like. The names here will hopefully provide you with inspiration to come up with something that really fits your beloved pet’s looks, temperament and personality to a T.

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To learn more about this traditional guard dog, visit the breed information page. Learn about the Doberman Pinscher’s temperament, trainability, and even a little of the breed’s history before deciding on this or another dog breed.

Below is a list of more than 101 Doberman Pinscher names. If you don’t find a name you like after browsing the list, return to our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.

Name Meaning
Abby Means “father of rejoicing”; for the perky dog who is always on the go.
Achilles The hero in Homer’s “Iliad.”
Ada Means “prosperous and joyful.”
Adele From “Adelaide” meaning “noble and kind”; also a popular singer.
Famous Name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, professionally known as Adele, is an English singer-songwriter. Surprisingly, she’s not from a musical family. She was born on 5 May 1988 in Tottenham, Greater London, England. Her debut album received four times platinum in the UK, and double platinum in US.
Admiral The commander in chief of a fleet of ships.
Amigo “Friend” in Spanish. Your puppy makes it easy to see why dogs are deservedly considered man’s best friend.
Amore “Love” in Italian. If you give a little, you will get a lot from any puppy in any language.
Anika Means “very beautiful.”
Appolo Names of Greek gods make great Doberman Pinscher names. If you have two dobies, use Zeus and Appolo, from Magnum P.I. fame.
Asher Means “the laughing one.”
Babushka Russian for “grandmother”; for a dog who takes good care of you.
Baci Italian for “kisses”; perfect for a dog who loves to give you kisses.
Bambino Italian for “baby”; a dog that acts like a puppy even when they are already adults.
Bandito Spanish for “bandit”; a dog who loves to steal things (e.g. food).
Bella Mia Italian feminine for “my beautiful one.”
Beta Second letter of the Greek alphabet or the second in any type of list. Good name for the second dog of the household.
Bijou French for “jewel.” Appropriate for any small dog with a dazzling personality.
Bo This is one of my favorite Doberman Pinscher names. Why? My college roommate had a Dobie named “Bo” and he was a great dog!
Famous Name: Mary Cathleen Collins, professionally known as Bo Derek is an American actress and a movie producer. She became one of the most popular “sex symbols” in 80’s. Before she became an actress, her first career was modelling. She became popular for her role in the film 10. She was born on November 20, 1956, in Long Beach, California, USA.
Caddy A golfer’s attendant; a dog who is always ready to play catch with.
Cains “Dog” in Latin.
Candy A dog who is just as sweet as candy.
Capo Italian for “boss” or “head.”
Cashmere For the dog with fur that is as soft as cashmere.
Caspian Means “lion-like appearance”; also a famous character in the Prince Caspian movie.
Chico “Small” in Spanish.
Danu A mythological goddess of death and mother of the gods.
Darth As in Darth Vader. One of many Doberman Pinscher names for Star Wars fanatics. Luke? Leia? Anakin? You get the idea.
Diablo Spanish for “devil”; perfect for a mischief-making dog.
Diva French for “goddess”; a great name for any puppy who acts like cure little brats.
Dodger One who acts deceptively.
Ebony Means “black”; perfect for a like-colored dog.
Famous Name: ,Ebony Vernice Hoffman is an American professional basketball player from Los Angeles, California. She was born on August 27, 1982. Ebony plays for Connecticut Sun in the WNBA. She currently plays for Besiktas Istanbul in Turkey.
Elmo Greek for “amiable”; also the name of the fuzzy red Sesame Street character.
Ewok The tribal name for “feisty”; also a Star Wars character.
Falcon A bird of prey that is trained to hunt; a dog who has boldness, energy and grace.
Fandango A colorful and energetic Spanish dance; perfect for happy and lively dogs.
Fleur French for “flower.”
Gator Short for “alligator”; for a dog that is as fierce as a gator.
Gazelle For a dog who is just as delicate and fast as this Asian or African antelope.
Gazpacho Spanish chilled soup; good name for a zesty dog.
Geisha A Japanese girl who provides entertainment. This dog loves to perform, but expects a treat.
Gordo Spanish for “fat.” This didn’t make the Doberman Pinscher names list because Dobies are fat. It just sounds like a cool name for this breed.
Hachiko The name of a famous Japanese Akita dog known in modern Japanese history as a model of fidelity.
Havana A Cuban city and type of tobacco. Good for any dog with a brown coat.
Houdini An escape artist.
Famous Name: Erich Weisz, professionally known as Harry Houdini, was a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer. His magic acts caught Martin Beck’s attention who got him a Europe tour and booked at the best vaudeville venues.
Intrepid A dog who is courageous, strong and fearless.
Ishta Arabic for “cream of the crop”, or rather “pick of the litter.”
Jupiter The largest planet in the Solar System. Good name for a large, massive dog.
Knaidel Little Jewish dumpling, or a dog who just looks like one.
Kobi Japanese for “joy.”
Kuma Japanese for “bear”; for the dog who looks just as cuddly as a bear.
Ladron Spanish for “thief”. This dog doesn’t usually earn the treat, he steals it.
Lexis Of Greek origin meaning “speech.” Good for the vocal ones.
Lucky Means “good fortune.” You are lucky to own this wonderful pup!
Magna Latin for “great.”
Maitai Tahitian for “good”; perfect for an obedient and well-behaved dog.
Mamacita The Spanish term of endearment used for close female friends or relatives.
Marlboro Means “rugged” and “having an affinity for the outdoors.”
Mignon French for “dainty.”
Mon Ami French for “my friend.”
Mustang Descended from horses imported by the Spaniards. This name would suit a free spirited pup.
Ninja A Japanese warrior who is well trained in martial arts and the skillful use of weaponry. A perfect match (in my opinion) for the Doberman Pinscher names list. The word just reminds me of a Dobie.
Noisette French for “little nut.”
Nosferatu Vampire. Good name for a dog who loves nuzzling your neck.
Nudge Yiddish for “a pest, nag or bother.”
Nymph An incredibly attractive dog.
Omega The last letter of the Greek alphabet. Acute name for the last pick of the litter.
Onyx Good for spotted, streaked or brindled pups.
Pandora You had no idea what you were getting into with this lovable dog.
Papoose An Indian baby, or your little puppy.
Pazzo Italian for “crazy.”
Perro Spanish for “dog.”
Petit Ange French for “little angel.”
Pizzazz Gusto, enthusiasm and flair are just a few of this energetic dog’s qualities.
Pooh From the character, Winnie-the-Pooh.
Primo “First” in Spanish.
Proton The positively charged portion of an atom. Also a good name for a compact but powerful pup.
Quasimodo Italian author Salvatore Quasimodo; also a Disney movie character.
Queeny A woman ruler, having authority over a particular domain.
Rajah An Indian prince or emperor.
Razzmatazz Showy actions performed with the intention of creating confusion.
Regalo Spanish for “present.” This gift of a puppy will forever keep on giving.
Renegade One who challenges normal standards of behavior.
Reno A gambling city in Nevada, or just a pup you took a chance on that turned into a winner.
Rot German for “red.” For a dog with a reddish fur.
Saber A dangerous fighting sword. This is a good name for a dog who promises to be a protector.
Sassy Lively and independent.
Schatzie German for “little treasure” or “little sweetheart.”
Schooner A multi-sailed ship, or a large beer glass, or just your large dog.
Shamu A name of a famous killer whale.
Tanka A Japanese poem. This one is a real work of art.
Tempest A strong storm often including wind, rain, snow or hail.
Titan An extremely strong, large being, or dog.
Uranus Good name for an equally mysterious dog with an offbeat balance.
Vaquero Good name for a little pup who likes to chase things bigger than himself.
Viva Italian for “long life.”
Wasabe Like this green, very hot condiment that accompanies sushi, this puppy is potent even in small doses.
Willow For a graceful dog.
Famous Name: Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She is a 13-year old actress and singer born on October 31, 2000. Willow launched her music career with her first hit single “Whip My Hair”.
Wookie A large humaniod from the movie Star Wars.
Xanadu A fictitious location of utopian beauty.
Yaya “Grandma” (spelled phonetically) in Greek.
Zeke “Spark” in Hebrew.
Zepuyr Like a soft breeze, this dog’s calm demeanor is refreshing.
Zeus If you need two Doberman Pinscher names, try Zeus and Appolo, like the two dogs on the popular TV show Magnum P.I
Zulu A southeast African member of a particular Bantu nation. This puppy is both primitive and spiritual.

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