Carmen the pretty IGGY (Italian Greyhound)

Carmen the pretty IGGY (Italian Greyhound)

by Miranda


My Italian Greyhound is AMAZING. She has a mind of her own that is for sure. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle, but she also LOVES to do things on her own. Which is fine BUT always ALWAYS know where they are.

I have never had a dog that likes getting in trouble. And this breed does. It is funny at first but if you don't correct it quick they think it is funny too. Italian Greyhounds are pretty much like cats. Love sun bathing and warmth. They also clean themselves like cats. Kinda weird.

Every time I get my warm clothes in the dryer and set the basket down you can almost bet that Carmen will bury herself in it. Warm towels are a must in the winter. Even a heating pad...(BE CAREFUL) if you have a chewer.

If you get an Italian Greyhound you will be asked A MILLION TIMES if it's a Whippet. A lot of people have no idea that Iggys are out there. I even had someone ask me if she was a miniture Great Dane HAHA she is 9 lbs people!

Even though they are lovers they need to go outside and release a crap ton of that energy. If you let them run outside for 30-45 mins a day she'll be fine! And I mean sleepppp!!! They might get up a few times to chew on a bone or eat but they sleep. PLUS puppy potty training hahaha have fun. All I can say is be patient.

Good luck to all of you who are getting an Iggy. They are so much fun and you will fall in love as soon as you see them.

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Love my Italian Greyhound

by: Memer

I love my Italian Greyhound. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the whole world. After having worked with dog rescues for years and years there are not too many breeds that i am unfamiliar with.

I have to say my Iggie is the best of them all. His personality is unlike any other breed out there. He is sweet, affectionate and such a clown. He loves to be held especially when he is tired.

But when he is awake watch out. He can run and run. But after fifteen to twenty minutes of running, he is ready to sleep again for hours and hours.

He is a very in your face kind of dog. Iggies do not like being left alone even for short periods. I have to be very careful because he is always on my heels going from room to room with me.

He rarely ever barks but is very vocal especially for his treats and toys. I have had no trouble housebreaking him due to the fact he is food and praise motivated.

He loves other animals and most other people but can ocassionally be timid. These are definitely velcro dogs and i am fortunate enough to be able to take mine to work everyday. He is so attached to me that he gets an upset tummy if i am separated from him. This is very typical of this breed.

My life would never have been the same without the joy and laughter and love that my Iggie has given me.

Italian Greyhounds are Cute!

by: Pat

I'm glad you posted your story about your Italian Greyhound. Carmen sounds like a fun addition to your home. I wish I could see a picture. If you have one, submit that, too, so we can all see Carmen. Maybe in the laundry basket?

As you said, most people have never heard of these toy dogs. More common toy dog breeds are Chihuahua's (thanks Paris Hilton), Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers and, of course, Poodles.

But a Greyhound? Yep. They have been around for centuries, if not millenia. If you are a Queen Victoria fan, she took a fancy to the Italian Greyhound in the 19th century.

One more thing for those interested in their own Iggy, they don't do well in a home with other dominant dog breeds. Iggys have a nervous temperament and they need a gentle and reassuring owner.

If you want to learn more about this dog breed, visit the Italian Greyhound page at It should help with your decision or lead you to the perfect dog for your family.

Have fun!

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