Bullmastiff named Prada

Bullmastiff named Prada

by lisa

(lancs england)

Prada was the name of my first Bullmastiff. I'm a fashionable person so i named her after this designer.

Its a good strong name and it is uncommon. Ive yet to meet another dog called Prada.

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Naming your Dog after a Designer

by: Pat

That's a great idea. First of all, Prada is a cool name, especially if your Bullmastiff is a stylish dog.

Second, I love the idea of using designer's names for. Here are a few more I thought of:

Klein (as in Anne Klein), or Calvin (as in Calvin Klein). If you like the name Klein but you don't care for Calvin Klein, tell everyone you named your dog after Calvin and Hobbes. This is quite random, but here is a great quote from Calvin:

"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world." -Calvin

Anyway, here are a few more designer puppy names:

Diesel, Armani (an obvious choice), Gucci, Halston, or Pierre (as in Pierre Cardin).

How about St. Pucchi? It kind of relates to dogs, right? Maybe you could name your dog St. Poochi? Actually, St. Pucchi is a line of avant-garde wedding dresses and the designer is named Rani Totman.

If your dog likes to wear hats, go with Vera (for Vera Wang).

That's about all the nonsense I can add. Enjoy your big dog!

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