British Dog Names
More than 101 Names for your British Dog

British dog names are great for British dogs (of course), but it doesn’t have to end there. Although your name choices are nearly endless, following are 101 of my favorites.

Some of the most popular dog breeds in Britain include the friendly and intelligent Labrador Retrievers; the active and playful Cocker Spaniels; the energetic and trainable Springer Spaniels; and the fun and loyal Welsh Corgi.

However, you can opt to give your dog a British name, even when its breed is not exactly related to the UK, or even when you are living nowhere near the UK.

There are so many names that you can think of – just think British. You can name them “Corbin”, “Fairfax”, “Manton” or “Granger” (hello, Hermoine!).

Better yet, take your inspiration from the legendary King Arthur and give your dog the name “Camelot”, “Excalibur”, “Merlin” or any of the names of King Arthur’s knights “Galahad”, “Gawain” or “Lancelot.”

British Dog NamesAn important tip to remember when naming your British dog (or assumed Brit) is to consider their personality. Because, really, why would you name your dog “Fagan” (which means “little fiery one”) when your dog is the complete opposite? Perhaps this would make for a great contrast. If this is your reason, then probably it would be a good pick.

Really, nothing can take the place of the dog as a pet. Is there any other animal that will greet you with a cold and wet nose and a wagging tail by the time that you enter your door? One of the first concerns when keeping a dog is giving it suitable name. Have fun exploring!

And, if you want to explore some of our more popular dog names lists, take a look at these:

Below is a list of more than 101 British dog names. Browse or study the list and have fun. If you don’t find a name you like, return to the main puppy names page for more than 4,000 fun and interesting options.

Name Meaning
Aidan A very fiery person. Perfect name for a dog who is very passionate in anything
Alfred Refers to a small and wise counselor. For the dog who is physically small (although not necessarily wise)
Angus A strong man (or dog, in this case)
Arthur With the courage of a bear. Perfect guard dog name
Baird A travelling ballad singer. For the dog who travels and barks
Balfour Of Scottish origin that means one who hails from the pasture land. Good name for a shepherd breed dog
Baron A European nobleman. A logical name for a distinguished pure-bred dog. Jolly good for the British dog names list. 
Beckham Like the famous socce player, David Beckham! 
Benson Son of Benjamin. This says it all.
Blaine Means “lean”. A dog who is in very good shape
Brice For the dog who keeps alert and does not sleep while on guarding duty
Caddock Perfect name for a dog who is already for any kind of fight
Calder A name for someone who lives near a stream or brook. Great name for the water-loving dog
Camelot The legendary place of the court and palace of King Arthur
Cameron Of Scottish origin that means “crooked nose”. Logical name for a dog who has it
Cassidy Great name for a female poodle dog with a crafty and colorful fur
Chester Means “from the fortress”. Great name for a guard dog
Churchill A tribute to Winston Churchill, the prime minister who led Great Britain through World War II. A “can’t miss” British dog name (unless you go with Winston).
Clay A kind of soil. For the dog who loves digging holes in your backyard or anywhere else
Corbin A raven. Perfect name for the dog with pure black fur
Dane Someone who hails from Denmark. Fitting name for a Great Dane
Dempsey A dog oozing with pride, caryying his shead way up high all the time
Devlin A fearless warrior. A dog who will not back down from any kind of fight
Dillon The dog who will never leave your side. A very faithful companion
Domino Perfect name for a Dalmatian dog
Dolan Means “the dark one”. For the dog with a dark hair coat
Earl A very popular name for a nobleman (or noble-dog, rather)
Edgar A very wealthy spearman
Edward Wealthy guardian. Also a name for owners who are big fans of the Twilight Saga
Elder Because it stands for someone who is in authority, it can be a fitting name for a dominant or elderly dog
Excalibur The legendary sword of King Arthur
Elton For the owner who are fans of Elton John and his music
Fairfax A dog with blond fur
Fane Great name for a grateful and joyful adopted dog
Ferrell A very fearless warrior. A dog who loves conflict would be perfect for this name
Fergus Manly and powerful. Great for any large-breed dog
Galahad A knight of King Arthur’s legendary Round Table
Galen Someone little and full of life. For the small and lively dog. Also “Gale”
Gallagher Your ardent helper in practically any kind of matter
Gavin With impressive senses, relating to a hawk. Perfect name for a guarding or hunting dog
Gawain The nephew of King Arthur. Also one of the Knights of the Round Table
Hagen A small and youthful dog
Halbert The radiant hero. For the dog who has done something so heroic. Or just a dog that you consider your hero
Harry Refers to “a fighter”. Also for fans of Harry Potter
Howard Means “chief guard”. Excellent name for any guard dog
Irving A friend from the sea. For the dog who loves swimming (and surfing?)
Jagger For fans of Mick Jagger, one of the most legendary rockstars of all time. Why not choose a legendary British dog name?
Jeeves For your proper English butler dog
Kane Means “tribute”. Great name for an offspring of a well beloved dog
Keane A dog who is amazingly clever and fast-learning
Keegan A small and fiery person. For the small dog with so much passion
Kent Means “white and brilliant”. Perfect name for a solid white dog
Kingston The who lives at a king’s estate (or something that looks like a king’s estate)
Ladd Your dog-asisstant. Could be a great name for a guide dog
Lancelot The bravest and most famous of  King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.
Lennon A tribute to the Beatle John Lennon
London For fans of this lovely city. Or those who wish to get there someday
Maddock A good and generous dog. He wouldn’t mind sharing his food and toys to others
Manfred A very peaceful dog who will stay away from any sort of dogfight
Marvin Your true friend. A male dog who will never betray you
Merlin The legendary seer and magician who aided King Arthur
Mick . . . as in Jagger. Even if your dog doesn’t have a huge tongue, this is a great name. It’s also a good one syllable dog name.
Murray A seafarer. For the dog who accompanies you on your ocean journeys
Neil Means “the champion”. For the dog who is always the winner in anything
Nelson Means “son of the champion”. Great name for the son of a dog named Neil.
Nessie The legendary monster that resides in Loch Ness in Scotland. Fitting name for a Scottish terrier dog.
Newman The newcomer. For the new dog in your household.
Oakes Perfect name for a dog who loves to lounge under the shade of trees.
Orrin Means “fair-skinned”. For the dog who has a fair skin (or fur)
Osborn A divine warrior. For the guard dog that you consider as sent by heaven.
Ozzy Crazy dog but in a cute and lovable kind of way.
Palmer An enthusiastic male dog.
Patrick The legendary saint who drove all the snakes off of Ireland (thus, St. Patrick’s Day). One of my favorite British dog names!
Phelan For the dog who resembles a wolf, whether in appearance or in attitude.
Quid British money that is equal to one pound sterling
Quillan Refers to a little cub. For a cute dog that looks just like a little bear.
Quinlan Well-shaped and strong. Fit for a well-built Irish Setter dog
Rafferty Wealthy and prosperous, although this more fittingly refers to you, the dog’s owner.
Remington From the raven family estate. Fantastic name for a dog with solid-black fur.
Renny Small yet powerful. This would make for a great name for toy breeds.
Ringo A tribute to Ringo Starr, the drummer for the Beatles.
Rory Means “the red king”. Give this name for your dag if he has red fur (or if you died his fur red).
Sawyer Perfect name for a dog who loves sleeping all day long that saying they are lazy would be a big understatement.
Scully The Town crier. Give this name for your dog who seems to have a penchant for crying over everything.
Sherman Fantastic name for a dog of a sheep-herding breed.
Sloan  A fighter, in every sense of the word.
Squire The assistant of a knight (in this case, you are the knight).
Tad Welsh for “father.” For a dog that you intend to breed in the future.
Tarrant Means “thunder.” Perfect name for a dog with a great booming bark.
Tavis Means “twin”. Give one of your twin dogs this name. For the other one, well, pick another British dog name.
Telly Refers to the television. Give this name to your dog who just loves to lounge in front of the TV all day long’
Tripp The traveler. For the dog that you love to take with you anywhere.
Udolf A prosperous dog who resembles his wild cousins, the wolf.
Ulmer For oyur very famous dog who is very popular all over your neighborhood.
Upton A dog who comes from the upper part of town.
Waite A diligent guard dog who takes his job very seriously.
Wakefield For the dog who comes from the wet field.
Wakeman A trustworthy watchman. Having such a dog allows you to confidently sleep soundly at night.
Wallace Refers to an alien. Probably a great name for a dog who looks very bizzare — but in a cute way.
Whitman For the dog with long white fur.
Windsor The name of a famous royal family in Great Britain. If you wish to bath your dog in riches, this would be a perfect name
Winston . . . as in, Churchill!
Yeoman An attendant or assistant

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