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More than 101 Names for a Black Dog

Explore the black dog names list and find a perfect name for your black dog. Even if your dog isn’t black, there are more than 101 cool names to fit any color dog.

Do you adore your dog’s luscious black hair and you want its name to reflect it? Or you simply want to spare yourself the hassle of looking for other names and just settle for anything that means black?

Simply naming your dog “Black” is not the most unique, but translating it to another language just might do the trick (and even make it fancier).

Take a look at more 101 Black Dog Names and find the word “black” translated in a variety of languages from Arabic to Egyptian to Latin.

In the list, you will also find names of black food, black animals and other black things that can serve as a very good names for a black dog.

Black Dog NamesTruth be told, one of my favorite black dog names is “Blacky.” That may seem ordinary, but our neighbors had a Black Lab named Blacky when I was growing up. She was great and I loved her name.

Below is a list of more than 101 Black dog names and meanings. Take your time and have fun.

If you don’t find a name you like, explore our Dog Names by Breed page to see more categories, or expand your search to our list of more than 4,000 puppy names.


Name Meaning
Adham An Arabic name that means “black.”
Angus A delicious meat produced by a certain cattle breed.
Anise A Eurasian Herb with aromatic seeds. It is mixed with so many kinds of food.
Ashes That dark grey dusty consisitency that will be left once something is burned
Assam An Indian province that is famous for its fine black tea.
Azur Egyptian term for “black”
Baa-Baa Just as the nursery rhyme goes: “Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool.”
Bandit Does your dog love stealing your food? This name would just be perfect.
Bear If your dog looks more like a black bear than a dog, this name would be perfect.
Beluga A very large sturgeon (Huso huso). Also, a type of whale.
Black Jack Great name if you love this card game. Or generally just a lover of any card games.
Blacky There is no other name more logical than this for a black dog. This is one of my favorite black dog names because my neighbor had a sweet Black Lab named Blacky.
Blake Old English for “dark” or “black.”
Bootleg As in, black market.
Brena Irish for “raven-haired.”
Bronson An Anglo-Saxon term that means “son of the dark man.” Fitting if the puppy’s father is also black.
Burnt The product of faulty use of fire or heat. Quit burning your toast!
Cerin Gaelic for “little dark one.”
Cerny Czechoslovakian name meaning “black.” Another favorite on the black dog names list as my wife is of Czech heritage.
Chanyaka Russian for “blackberry” (not the phone).
Charcoal Do you love to BBQ? This is a fitting name for black dogs.
Cherry You may not think this belongs on the black dog names list, but remember cherry comes in a dark color. Think black cherry ice cream. Yum!
Chicory A plant whose root is roasted and ground to make for a substitue for coffee.
Chip Like chocolate chip. Or the one used in computers and other electronics.
Ciardubhan Gaelic name meaning “little black one.”
Coal Similar to charcoal.
Coffee For owners who are lovers of deliciously bitter black coffee.
Coke Love this world-famous black and refreshing drink? Give this name to your dog!
Corbin French for “black-haired.” For the elegant and sophisticated dog, like Corbin Bernsen.
Cosmos Refers to the unknown black space outside earth (it’s not necessarily black, though, as it is covered with stars and such).
Crow A black, loud and scary bird.
Dargan Irish for “black-haired.”
Darth Vader Fans of Star Wars represent!
Devaki Female Indian name meaning “black.”
Domino This is a perfect name if your dog has patches of white in his black fur.
Dorjan Latin for “dark.”
Dubh Male Scottish name meaning “black.”
Duff Scottish for “dark.”
Duggan Male Irish name meaning “black.”
Dwayne Gaelic for “little and dark.” Also for fans of one Dwayne Wade (basketball) or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (actor).
Ebony Valuable black wood. Then name your other white dog “Ivory.”
Eclipse A celestial body obscuring the light of another celestial body, as in a solar eclipse.
Eightball The only black ball in billiards.
Gothic Pertaining to practically anything that is dark and broody and even scary.
Goulash A seasoned Hungarian soup or stew of meat and vegetables.
Grizzly The bear that is terrifying in real life but cute as stuffed toys and dogs.
Hershey For big fans of chocolate (this pertains to you, of course).
Huyan Female Vietnamese name that means “having a reflective black color.”
Inky Very dark. Just like black ink that oozing from your pen (and staining your clothes).
Jetta Female Latin name that means “jet-black.” Also “Jettie.”
Kala Female Hindi name that means “black.”
Kala Hindi for “black”
Kanika Kenyan for “black material”
Kerry Irish for “black-haired”
Kerwin Male Gaelic name that means “little black one.” Also “Kerwen” or “Kerwyn.”
Kieran Male Irish or Gaelic name that means “dark, swarthy, black.”
Kieron Male Irish/Gaelic name that means “little black-haired one.”
Krishna Sanskrit for “black.”
Kuro Japanese for “black.”
Latte Strong espresso coffee.
Leila Arabic for “dark as a night”. Perfect name for a pretty and dainty female black dog.
Licorice For black licorice. Not exactly everyone’s favorite food but a great-sounding name, nonetheless
Magic Black magic, anyone?
Matisse Why is this on the black dog names list? Because of Henri Matisse, a French artist known for his use of the color black. Plus, I think the name is really cool!
Melanie Greek for “dark” or “dark-skinned”
Midnight That middle of the night where everything seems to be so dark and quiet
Morris Latin for “dark-skinned” and not the cigarette (although you can very well name your dog for it)
Mustanen Male Finnish surname that means “black.”
Nerissa Italian for “black” or “black-haired”
Nero Latin for “dark” or “black-haired”
Nightwalker For your weird nocturnal dog who is asleep all day and awake all night
Onyx A gorgeous precious stone colored black
Oreo Twist, lick and dunk! (You might not want to do this to your dog, though)
Panther Part of the cat family that is all-black and ravenous
Pepper Perfect name for a black dog who unusually always sneezes (but you find it cute, though)
Pepsi Not a big fan of Coke? Give your dog this name instead
Phantom A ghost. Also a figment of imagination
Plum An oval fleshy fruit that is purple in color, almost resembling black
Preto Portuguese for “black”
Prune A fruit preserved by drying to give it a black and wrinkled appearance
Puck That black circular thingy in hockey that all the players chase after.
Rajani Sanskrit for “night”
Raven As in, the large black bird.
Reaper Evil creature from the movies. If your dog just as evil?
Shade The shadow that sunlight makes under trees and roofs. For the dog who loves lounging in shades
Shadow A dark area produced by something coming between rays of light and a surface
Smokey For the dog who has that smoke-colored fur
Smudge A rather disgusting term that amazingly becomes cute when named for a dog
Sooty Refers to soot, a name made cute enough for dogs (and even for humans)
Spade See this suit in your player cards? What color is it?
Spot Fitting name for a dog with a big black spot
Sucki Male Native American Algonquin name that means “black.”
Suede A type of leather with a napped finish
Sullivan Gaelic for “little dark eye”. This name might only pertain to the eye but this is also a great name for a black dog
Tar A dark, thick and flammable liquid that is distilled from coal or wood
Tarnish A rather civilized term for “dirt”
Teddy Like Teddy Bear. If your dog resembles a hairy black bear
Truffle Why is this on the black dog names list? Think “black truffle,” as in the mushroom. Need proof? Look here.
Tuxedo For elegant and proper dogs
Twilight That time of the day when daytime and nighttime seemingly competes. Also for fans of a certain vampire-werewolf saga (you know what this is)
Velvet Perfect for dogs with fur with similar feel to that of velvet.
Voodoo A practice of witchcraft

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